Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Coming Soon: SPHERES book one, Stories From The Veil

Teaser Image  Spheres' Book Cover
Cover Reveal July 31st 2019
EPD September 30th, 2019


After turning eighteen,  The honorable Lady Cameron Hoyt, once heralded as the best Sphere Catcher in the training grounds near the Veil goes missing. 

It’s clear to everyone on this side of the Veil that Dark forces from Ixternia broke through with the help of one of their own. However, as investigations reach dead ends people start accepting that Cameron might never be back. 

Five years on from that fateful day, the Veil opens and Cameron is found in the Moors, with no recollections of how she was taken or what was done to her. To make matters worse, her father, The Lord Protector of the Realm, has appointed the ex-Crown Prince of the Phoenix, and her best friend’s ex-boyfriend, West Matheson as her guard. 

Together, West and Cameron will have to figure out how to regain her memories, and find the culprit, before Magic escapes Ixternia back into the human world. 

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