Monday, January 14, 2019

A very late start to Monday :)

One of those things I missed, all the time we lived in London, was a garden. Growing up, we had a very small one. That said, weekends were spent at my grandmother's country house, where we could run like crazy, and help out cutting down sugar cane, bananas, and other things. Looking back, living in the Caribbean do has a lot of perks. :) And Puerto Rico, throughout my childhood, was filled with perks.
Chavo and me
my first puppy. I must have been around 5 years old. This was taken in front of my grandfather's drugstore.

So back in 2012 when we decided to rent, I was really looking forward to having a garden. All that change when I started homeschooling in 2016. For the last two years, the garden was always an afterthought. And even though I have most of the equipment to deal with it, I ended up doing minimal work. 

Yay for gardening, and spending time with this little Gryffindor, the only one my Slytherin heart really loves. :) 

Fast forward to 2019, the year has started with a bang, and also a new to do list, because of the jadeera bugs. If you live in Florida, you'll know these pesky red bugs are everywhere. And when you've not really done a lot of yard work, they tend to multiply like crazy. So one of my resolutions ended up being, gardening and clearing the garden every day. And killing them mother trucker bugs. 

Last week when I started, I armed myself with my leaf blower and began the process of removing the leaves. This gave me ample time to think about the stories that I'm working on. Closer to the Edge, and Widowed need more editing, but I also have to finish writing the Stories from the Veil series. 

Being outside has been a blessing in disguise, since I needed to do a bit more moving around, as I'd been very sedentary for most of 2018. Does this happen to you as well? You start reading, or writing, or gaming, and then since you can't do this often, every little spare time you have, you end up sitting down? Not exercising?

Anyway, being outside really helps me think about not only most of the wips, but especially the Stories from the Veil series. I can see my Dragons, Phoenix, Wolves, Vampires, and my witches, more clearly when I'm outside, because all my characters in that series love the outdoors. 

Also, being outside and doing these tasks reminds me so much of the time I spent with my maternal grandmother, or going to my father's family's farm. Plus, whilst I'm outside doing the yard, my eight-year-old just loves to run around, and spend some of that magical and never-ending energy that he has. 

So here endeth the rambling. Next week, I'll share a bit about the characters I'm working on. For now, have a great week, and don't forget this Wednesday, I'll be posting my review of Wolf Hollow by Nikki Jefford. 

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