Friday, November 30, 2018

Winning Nano!

That's a catchy title, right? ;)

This is a quick update about Closer to the Edge, which I'm still editing. Also, my NaNoWriMo project was Widowed, and that was completed back on November 19th, which means that I'm hallway through writing another book, The actor and the author, and a third project titled Through the Magic Glass.

Hopefully all three titles will be available sometime in the next year. It's been a writing year of loads of ups and downs, though I kept writing, dealing with personal insecurities kept me from publishing Closer which is pretty much done, just needs a few more needed tweaks.

I can't wait to share Widowed with you, a story of a second chance at love in the San Juan Island off the coast of Washington state. The actor and the author takes place in South Korea when a famous romance author's marriage suddenly crumbles and her best friend, a hunky Korean-American actor offers her his place in South Korea so she can escape the press and finish her latest book. I'm totally crushing on the Korean-American actor and his bff, and how their relationship is changing from BFF's to lovers. The third work in progress, Through the Magic Glass is a delightful fantasy addition.

And speaking about Fantasy, my Stories from the Veil series is still a work in Progress. Spheres, which is the first book is ready for edits, just need to finish writing The Disappearance of Camelot's Novella and make sure that nothing in it affects Spheres. :)

Have you read any good books lately? Leave me your suggestions in the comments.

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