Thursday, June 14, 2018

Coming Soon

Hi gang!!

Here are some updates from me to you! *I'm going to be singing that Beatles song all night long now.* 

Closer to the edge is nearing completion. There were a few tweaks, that then turned into another few tweaks and me deciding that I wanted to rework one of the subplots. So I had to cancel the launch that I had for May. Instead the book will be ready either at the end of August, Mid-September.

I'm also working on Spheres, the first book in the Stories from the Veil series. These books are connected by characters, though each book will be a stand alone. All the books are linked together by Camelot and Merlin.

I've also decided to start work on my wolf pack book, which will be a sort of companion book to the Stories from the Veil. So... shift into the world of the Brickenhall Pack, coming soon.

The fourth book that I'm hoping to be able to work on, and then publish this year with Closer, is Widowed. This is a Romance book about finding love after the death of a partner.

I won't announce dates until I'm closer to the publication date, but make sure to follow me on Twitter: @LynAlmodovar and on Facebook, so you can keep up to date with the release dates. 

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