Monday, October 30, 2017

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

One day early.

This past month has been a real blur,  but before I get into the updates, Congratulations to Ashley Martinez and Sue Van who both won copies of Henry and Gracie.

I'm organizing a Henry and Gracie Sale starting on December 1st and running till January 1st :) 

In other news, I’m ready for NaNoWriMo. Who’s doing it? You can add me if you’d like to, my username there is lynkay. I’ll be working on my sexy French WIP which is now titled Normandy. J

I’m still editing Closer to the Edge and finishing Spheres. But of course during NaNo both projects will be put in the TBF pile. 

So this is my Normandy blurb,

Victoria Isabelle Corden is returning to Normandy after a few years living in England and pretty much ignoring her previous life and family in France. She's been offered a managerial position in the Copy Writing department of her family's advertising company in Paris. And though she hesitated, she ended up taking it as she wants to spend more time with her twin cousins, Aurelien and Anna.
Before La Rentree, she's forced to attend her Grandmother's 80th birthday, and stay in Normandy with her cousins, family, and Sebstien.
Sebastien Garnot was her crush for years, until she took advantage of how tipsy he was during her 18th birthday and slept with him. The next morning, Victoria left without a note, or a goodbye and hasn't seen him since.
Is no surprise that when their paths cross again, Sebastien is a total ass to her, and Victoria can't stand it. She tries to hate his guts, and ignore him but he's still as devastatingly handsome as ever and soon Victoria's losing more than her fare share of sleepless night over him.
A tug of war begins between pleasure and control which can either leave them burning or turn into a happy ever after. Will they choose their cards wisely, or will they crash and burn?