Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Wednesday Writings: Henry and Gracie and Company

Those of you who have read Chronicles of the Interred might know that I like big supporting casts in my books.

HOWEVER, Henry and Gracie, although they have quite a few friends and family members popping in and out of the pages, it's mainly about Henry and Gracie. I mean they are after all the main characters, and concentrating on their relationship was so much fun that I had to remind myself they had other people in their lives beside each other.

I must say it was strange having to cut a lot of scenes with the friends. Especially those that involved Franky, one of Gracie's friends. I love Franky. And I'm hoping that when you guys get to read Henry and Gracie, that you'll love him as much as I do. Also if you do... *Spoiler Alert* He and others will be popping in other books I'm writing, like Closer to the Edge. ;)

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