Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Teaser Tuesday: Spheres

Spheres was a story that I began writing in 2009. The story has changed a lot since then, and with every new draft I ended up adding and subtracting a lot of things that weren't working. I trunked it back in 2011 for a bit then again in 2013 when I was working on Fissure. Then wrote the Dragon and the Phoenix. It was whilst writing that story that I realized that Spheres fitted with the universe that I was creating. And thus, I dusted it  and then began to rewrite Cameron's story. A new version sits open on my computer, so this is the new beginning and the reders' introduction to Cameron, the Sphere. :) #ROUGHDRAFT ahead. Wear your helmets. :)

Hands lift me up as I hear the helicopter whirring over me, my hands move to shield my eyes from the light when I’m distracted by the sound of my name. The accent is definitely English, and familiar. However, there’s a second female voice… French. I can’t conjure up any images to go with the voices, even though they’re so familiar.
 “She’s in shock.” The French female voice says as I try hard to focus.
“Look at her back…” The whisper of a second male voice echoes in my head almost as if the man had shouted. My hands move to my ears.
A man pushes my body on its back so he can examine me. “We need to move her now before the police arrives.”
“No, Tybalt…” My heart does a somersault recognizing immediately Fred’s voice. He’s my father’s right hand man. I try to focus on him but every movement of my body feels lethargic.
“How do you even know it’s her?” My father’s voice is cutting as he stands over me even though Fred’s tried to keep him away. “What’s your name?”
“C-Cameron…” I mutter as he pulls me up by my shoulders and the dizziness returns. “Cameron Hoyt… daughter of Tybalt Hoyt, Duke of Avon.” I say as fast as I can before I pass out.
“Lies.” He says letting me fall against the ground.
“Careful, she’s…she’s bleeding.” The French woman scolds him before she speaks in fast French.
“I’m fine.” I reply as two pairs of hands pull me up and then settle me on a gurney.
“What did you say?” My father asks as I focus on him.
“I’m fine.” I repeat. 
“It’s not her. Cameron doesn’t speak French.” He shouts infuriated before walking away.

Someone grasps my hand tightly. When I look up, I see Fred standing close to me. “It’s going to be okay little Sphere.” Fred whispers. “Don’t fall asleep.” He tells me as my eyes close. 

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