Friday, July 14, 2017

Fitness Friday: Second Week of PIYO done Last week of 3 week yoga retreat

Disclaimer: I'm not a BeachBody coach :) I have a really good coach though. :) I'm a plus size, mum of two/writer who enjoys BeachBody workouts. 

Last week was hard. By Friday Yoga Retreat and PiYo had taken a toll, but the kicker was when I decided to skip Yoga, since it was Friday, and PiYo and instead did the Brazilian Buttlift work out which was the challenge du jour.
The work out wasn't bad until minute 14 almost 15 when I was on the floor sticking my butt out. My back gave up. It was both scary and painful.

It didn't help that I decided two hours later to go and mow the lawn. After 15 more minutes I had to stop. So I had to skip my PiYo and Yoga work outs on Saturday. Then Sunday rolled in... and I was so lazy, I didn't work out until close to 10 pm.

I didn't do Piyo or Yoga on Sunday, instead I tried the Shift Shop Speed 25. The photo I attached to this post is me getting ready for the bear crawls. The Frenchman was kind enough to take it, and cheer on. Plus, he also admitted I was hardcore, and a bad ass because he would never try to do those exercises.

One thing I liked from the Shift Shop Speed 25 was that every exercise is one minute long. So I ended up pushing myself to do it without modifications. I didn't do all of them without modifying, but I did most and that's a win.

I'm thinking maybe I'll combined Shift Shop with PiYo once I'm done with this week of the 3 week Yoga Retreat. Or maybe I'll only do Shift Shop... I'll keep you posted.

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