Saturday, July 29, 2017

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Teaser Tuesday: Spheres

Spheres was a story that I began writing in 2009. The story has changed a lot since then, and with every new draft I ended up adding and subtracting a lot of things that weren't working. I trunked it back in 2011 for a bit then again in 2013 when I was working on Fissure. Then wrote the Dragon and the Phoenix. It was whilst writing that story that I realized that Spheres fitted with the universe that I was creating. And thus, I dusted it  and then began to rewrite Cameron's story. A new version sits open on my computer, so this is the new beginning and the reders' introduction to Cameron, the Sphere. :) #ROUGHDRAFT ahead. Wear your helmets. :)

Hands lift me up as I hear the helicopter whirring over me, my hands move to shield my eyes from the light when I’m distracted by the sound of my name. The accent is definitely English, and familiar. However, there’s a second female voice… French. I can’t conjure up any images to go with the voices, even though they’re so familiar.
 “She’s in shock.” The French female voice says as I try hard to focus.
“Look at her back…” The whisper of a second male voice echoes in my head almost as if the man had shouted. My hands move to my ears.
A man pushes my body on its back so he can examine me. “We need to move her now before the police arrives.”
“No, Tybalt…” My heart does a somersault recognizing immediately Fred’s voice. He’s my father’s right hand man. I try to focus on him but every movement of my body feels lethargic.
“How do you even know it’s her?” My father’s voice is cutting as he stands over me even though Fred’s tried to keep him away. “What’s your name?”
“C-Cameron…” I mutter as he pulls me up by my shoulders and the dizziness returns. “Cameron Hoyt… daughter of Tybalt Hoyt, Duke of Avon.” I say as fast as I can before I pass out.
“Lies.” He says letting me fall against the ground.
“Careful, she’s…she’s bleeding.” The French woman scolds him before she speaks in fast French.
“I’m fine.” I reply as two pairs of hands pull me up and then settle me on a gurney.
“What did you say?” My father asks as I focus on him.
“I’m fine.” I repeat. 
“It’s not her. Cameron doesn’t speak French.” He shouts infuriated before walking away.

Someone grasps my hand tightly. When I look up, I see Fred standing close to me. “It’s going to be okay little Sphere.” Fred whispers. “Don’t fall asleep.” He tells me as my eyes close. 

Friday, July 14, 2017

Fitness Friday: Second Week of PIYO done Last week of 3 week yoga retreat

Disclaimer: I'm not a BeachBody coach :) I have a really good coach though. :) I'm a plus size, mum of two/writer who enjoys BeachBody workouts. 

Last week was hard. By Friday Yoga Retreat and PiYo had taken a toll, but the kicker was when I decided to skip Yoga, since it was Friday, and PiYo and instead did the Brazilian Buttlift work out which was the challenge du jour.
The work out wasn't bad until minute 14 almost 15 when I was on the floor sticking my butt out. My back gave up. It was both scary and painful.

It didn't help that I decided two hours later to go and mow the lawn. After 15 more minutes I had to stop. So I had to skip my PiYo and Yoga work outs on Saturday. Then Sunday rolled in... and I was so lazy, I didn't work out until close to 10 pm.

I didn't do Piyo or Yoga on Sunday, instead I tried the Shift Shop Speed 25. The photo I attached to this post is me getting ready for the bear crawls. The Frenchman was kind enough to take it, and cheer on. Plus, he also admitted I was hardcore, and a bad ass because he would never try to do those exercises.

One thing I liked from the Shift Shop Speed 25 was that every exercise is one minute long. So I ended up pushing myself to do it without modifications. I didn't do all of them without modifying, but I did most and that's a win.

I'm thinking maybe I'll combined Shift Shop with PiYo once I'm done with this week of the 3 week Yoga Retreat. Or maybe I'll only do Shift Shop... I'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Wednesday Writings: Henry and Gracie and Company

Those of you who have read Chronicles of the Interred might know that I like big supporting casts in my books.

HOWEVER, Henry and Gracie, although they have quite a few friends and family members popping in and out of the pages, it's mainly about Henry and Gracie. I mean they are after all the main characters, and concentrating on their relationship was so much fun that I had to remind myself they had other people in their lives beside each other.

I must say it was strange having to cut a lot of scenes with the friends. Especially those that involved Franky, one of Gracie's friends. I love Franky. And I'm hoping that when you guys get to read Henry and Gracie, that you'll love him as much as I do. Also if you do... *Spoiler Alert* He and others will be popping in other books I'm writing, like Closer to the Edge. ;)

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Teaser Tuesday: INTERRED

I can't believe Interred will be five years old in six months. Back in 2011, when I met Raine Thomas and I asked her to beta for me, I never imagined she would be taking a chance on me and this book. For that I'll be eternally grateful. So, here's a teaser from Interred, in case you've not read the series yet. :) What are you waiting for?

Amazon UK

Fear is slowly replaced by frustration. “There.” My teeth grit so I don’t scream. My finger forcefully taps the window. 
Several things happen at the same time. The electricity dies around us, leaving us in darkness. My eyes stay on the boy in the front garden because that mysterious light hangs around him, almost as if it wants me to stare at him. He raises his hand and the power comes back with a flicker. 
Once the lights are on again, a pounding on the door makes us jump. The sound has my heart beating fast in the middle of my throat. I try to ignore the kids screaming as my eyes search the garden. The boy is gone.
 Mom takes Lorelai from Dickie’s arms, cradling her in a protective way. With her free hand, she pulls me away from the window. 
“Who in the world…?” Dickie grabs his rifle and approaches the door. Drew snickers, since the weapon serves a more decorative purpose. It’s been up on that wall since the last time Dickie went hunting with his dad when he was ten years old. 
I can’t blame Dickie for his caution. We’re in the middle of nowhere. Who in their right mind would come over during a storm? 
The image of the black sedan creeping along the road floats into my mind, raising goosebumps on my arms. I stand back with Mom, Drew and Lorelai as Dickie answers the door. 
“I’m terribly sorry to disturb you at this time.” An English accent echoes through the house, prompting me and Mom to move closer to the door. “Is Mara Huxtable here?” 
A bewildered look crosses my mother’s face the moment she hears the man’s voice. I lean to the side to look at our visitor, but Mom remains frozen in the hall.
 “Who are you?” Dickie asks, lifting the rifle so the Englishman can see it. 
“I’m her cousin.” The stranger pushes the gun away and makes his way in, settling for the middle of the hallway. His gaze scans the pictures on the wall beside him. “Frederick Huxtable,” he adds. 

Friday, July 7, 2017

Fitness Friday: Combining Yoga Retreat and PiYo

I told myself last week when I started the 3 weeks Yoga Retreat that I should try and do PiYo as well. Why? Short answer, because I'm crazy.

Long answer... because my hips and lower back are in dire need of more than just a few seconds of stretching to achieve any Yoga positions.

For the most part, it's gone great. I'm excessively tired by the end of the work outs, but soon enough my energy catches up with me again, and I'm like the energizer bunny.

The only time that I wasn't happy was yesterday, PiYo Sweat nearly killed me.

However as you can see from my very sweaty selfie, PiYo Sweat lives up to expectations.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Wednesday Writings : Henry and Gracie Pt 1

When I started writing "Henry and Gracie" back in 2014, I never really expected to stick with it. At the time I was writing/editing Fissure and was deep in the world of teenagers with abilities. "Henry and Gracie" was originally about a woman about to turn 40 which is definitely something really different from a magical sixteen year old Time Bender. 

By the time that I started editing Henry and Gracie, I wondered if I should make Gracie a twenty something instead. At the time it seemed everyone I knew was writing New Adult books, and I thought about Gracie being a young gal, and how would she be making her way around London, the possibility excited me beyond reason. However, even though I managed to edit around 20k words of the story, it still didn't feel right. So I desisted from that idea.

That's when the idea to make her closer to thirty hit me. I remember turning thirty quite well. I had been living in England for five years same time as I’d been married for and I had a four year old. My life seemed a lot more together than some of my friends back home in the States; many were still partying hard and trying to get a guy/keep a guy.  I started to wonder what life would be like if I'd not married my husband, and watching shows like Sex and The City provided the right kind of background soundtrack to Henry and Gracie's story.

Henry and Gracie arrived on the page, with their friendship, passion and deep connection which totally stole my heart. It took a while for me to explore their lives and realize how much I needed to write this book. There are no magical teenagers, no time portals, but I’m so happy that I gave them a chance; and I hope that you do too.