Friday, June 30, 2017

Fitness Friday: That time I planked at the beach

Early this summer I decided that I needed more accountability. I'll explain. I started on this healthy me path about three years ago... maybe four. After I'd done so well... I stopped. I don't know why. Maybe it was the long hours in front of the computer. Maybe it was a general lack of motivation that came out of nowhere one day, and I stopped.

The result was that I ended up putting 15lbs back on. It depressed me no end. Of course instead of getting back on it, I would do some PiYo today... then wait a few days, then weeks, the I would restart. This went on for months.

Until Shaun T week.

One of my friends posted about it and I decided that since I love to hate to love Shaun T, I would take the plunge with the week. A Week of PiYo followed and then I started the 3 week Yoga Retreat, though I've been doing more PiYo than Yoga. We've been out of the house with the Frenchman and the kids visiting the nice parks around us
Anything you can do  I can do better than you :)

.With my husband as main cheerleader and wannabe PiYo pro, and the magic of the internet we managed to use my phone to do a full session of PiYo at the Park.  And then another one at Howard Park the following day.

So I'll be posting regular updates on Fridays about my progress, just to make sure I keep myself accountable. I post almost everyday a sweaty selfie to Instagram. If you want to follow me or tag me if you need accountability as well,

Disclaimer: I do Beachbody workouts but I'm not a coach. Just a mum trying to get healthier. :) I'm also not interested in coaching, but I'm always happy to lend a helping hand to whoever needs me to. 

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