Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Teaser Tuesday: Henry and Gracie

A little teaser from Henry and Gracie.
EPD June 15th, 2017

“Speech!” Franky yells when I cut the cake. “Come on, we all want to hear that American twang,” he chuckles as I throw some of the frosting at him. 

“I hate you,” I laugh and he shrugs. 

“No, you don’t and you wish I was straight.” he kisses the side of my temple before walking to help the waiters plate up the cake's slices.

“Well, I … thank you for coming. I know many of you were probably wondering why Franky invited you over to this,” a breathless laugh escapes my lips as several people join in. “The truth is Franky’s like my brother. He sort of adopted me on a cold and wet afternoon in college…. and we became inseparable. So much so that when I got employment offers in the States, he went and talked to Leticia Cardenas and convinced her to give me a chance to be interviewed,” I laugh looking at him. “Thanks for making my birthday a happy occasion. I miss my parents a lot, but knowing you took the time to organize all of this. It’s touched me deep inside,” my voice breaks softly as Marc comes and hugs me.

“And that’s the only time Franky has touched a woman deep inside,” Marc says as the rest of the guests laugh raucously.

“Whatever, I don’t see them lining up in front of you, for you to touch them,” Franky laughs as Marc shudders dramatically.

“If they did that, I would scream and run home to Mother,” Marc pushes his blonde hair back as he walks toward the bar.

“They’re something aren’t they?” Henry asks in my ear as he stands behind me. I count two Mississippis before turning toward him
“They should date,” I say mirroring his smile.

“Maybe they’re already dating,” he muses and I stare at him frowning.

“I would know about that,” I tell him before my eyes move to Franky.

“There are times when one must keep secrets from one’s closest friends. There are things that shouldn’t be shared. Or you’ll end up enjoying them less,” he says looking past everyone around us before his eyes fix on mine.

“Do you really believe that?” I ask as his eyes sparkle with mischief.

“Of course, secrets are the best things we can keep from friends, when they’re worth keeping. Imagine the elation, the sheer madness, the adrenaline rush of knowing something that makes you happy and brings you pleasure and no one knows about it,” he tells me while I grab the slice of cake fighting the heady feelings that the look in his eyes is producing in me.

“I’ve never kept that kind of secret.”

“Perhaps it’s about time you do,” he tells me before grabbing one of the plates and walking toward Marc.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Henry and Gracie Book Cover Reveal!

This is the book cover for Henry and Gracie, my first Adult Contemporary Romance book. If everything goes according to plan the book will be released on June 15th, 2017, under my penname Marilyn Jeulin. 

Turning the big 3-0 isn’t easy. It’s even more difficult when well-meaning friends decide you need to stop being single and find your Prince Charming. Add in a series of never-ending bad blind dates and this is all too familiar territory for Gracie Marquez.

What Gracie’s friends don’t know is that she’s been in a nine year “friends with benefits” relationship with her best friend, the dashing Henry Huntingdon the third. The pressure of turning another year older has Gracie questioning the nature of their relationship. Emotions run high and jealousy threatens to tear them apart. Has Gracie’s Prince Charming been in front of her eyes or has Henry been keeping her from finding true love?

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