Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Alliance Chronicles: Briana Jordan

Don't forget this Saturday I'll be interviewing the cast of Alliance Chronicles. The story is based on School Nightz by Michelle Cornwell-Jordan.

Bio: Michelle Cornwell-Jordan is an Author, Director and Producer for both video and internet radio. She enjoys writing Dark Contemporary Fiction and Science Fiction/Fantasy. Check out her website at

Brianna Jordan is eighteen years old and is attending the University of North Texas. She is majoring in dance and is considering on minoring in theatre. She has been the image of the character Angel on the book cover of SchoolNightz since she was thirteen, and is now bringing that character to life in the video production of Alliance Chronicles: Clockwork Eclipse by Michelle Cornwell-Jordan who is the author of SchoolNightz which inspired the video. Michelle Cornwell-Jordan is also the producer of Alliance Chronicles: Clockwork Eclipse.