Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Update: New Book, Homeschooling and other random thoughts.

Ah! School has finally started after what felt like a never ending summer at Maison Jeulin. 
This year I have a senior... yikes! And a kindergartner. Double Yikes!

My senior has started the year with a bang, getting creative and dying to start working on the Morning Show in his High School and looking forward to next year's adventure, when he's finally out of school and pursuing his Film courses. 

The kindergartner has also been very happy about his new school. Rather than going to a traditional brick and mortar school, we've chosen to let him try out the virtual school. So far it's been great. We are members of the Florida Virtual School under Connections Academy. It's all very daunting  but there's amazing support, and we can't be happier. 

I'm looking forward to seeing Jack-Henry soar and get ahead in his courses, at his own pace. 

As you may know by now thanks to Facebook and Twitter, I'm working on a new book, a New Adult romance/thriller which will be going to betas in the next month and a half and hopefully, it'll be published by December if not before then. :) 

So here's the title *drum roll* inspired by a Thirty Seconds to Mars song, :) You can check out my playlist and the inspiration for the characters on Pinterest, just click here

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