Thursday, August 25, 2016

Late Teaser Tuesday: Closer to the Edge

This is a late teaser, because since the school year started, I'm a bit more scatter-brained than usual.

I'm still working on this but I love this scene. Actually I love all the interactions between Wyatt, the actress, and Dakota the lead singer of the Dissonant Anonymous band.

Working on this sketch for the inside of the book... :) 

“For someone who asked me not to call or text, you’re doing a great job at trying to get into my panties.” I tell him as he lets go of my hand and smirks.
“What can I say? I find you mildly entertaining. Not good in bed, but entertaining nevertheless.”
“Fuck you.” I hiss taking a step away as he stands up.
“Do you remember how you ruined my date with Alexandra?” He asks as I take another step back until I’m leaning against the farm sink.
“That was six years ago.” I swallow hard suddenly parched.
“What was it that you said…” He feigns not remembering as he taps his index finger against his beautifully full lips as he catches my eyes. “I am a much better choice than that slut.”
“I didn’t… I was…” I start saying looking out the window.
“Drunk.” He tells me as he walks around the island toward me . “Oh, I remember, Billy was so mad at you; remember how he called your Mom and Dad, even Josiah.”
The mortification makes my breathing uneven as I swallow hard and heat spreads across my face. Josiah had been so mad at me. He’d only had his car for a few months when I wrecked it.
“I don’t care what you said. I didn’t know you then. I thought you were at least misunderstood by people, but I know you’re not. You’re just an asshole.”
He smiles and stands inches from me as I move my hands but he anchors them on either side of the sink. “Uneven respiration, a murderous look in your eyes, flushed cheeks and your lips are parted slightly.” He states looking at my lips and cocking his head to the side. I try hard not to look into his eyes but it’s impossible. “I don’t know what to do with you and you don’t know what to do with me.”
“You don’t have to do anything,” My voice breaks when he lets go of my hands his eyes settling on my lips. “Just leave me alone.”
There’s darkness in him, which I can’t read. It spreads cold across my body like the first frost. He takes a step back and then walks to the kitchen door, resting his hand on the doorknob. Before taking another step away from me, he undresses me one last time.
“You disappoint me, Wyatt… True love isn’t meant to die.” He fake pouts before closing the door behind him.
“I hate him.” I say out loud though no one can hear me. No one but my conscience which is yelling: Liar.

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