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Late Teaser Tuesday: Closer to the Edge

This is a late teaser, because since the school year started, I'm a bit more scatter-brained than usual.

I'm still working on this but I love this scene. Actually I love all the interactions between Wyatt, the actress, and Dakota the lead singer of the Dissonant Anonymous band.

“For someone who asked me not to call or text, you’re doing a great job at trying to get into my panties.” I tell him as he lets go of my hand and smirks. “What can I say? I find you mildly entertaining. Not good in bed, but entertaining nevertheless.” “Fuck you.” I hiss taking a step away as he stands up. “Do you remember how you ruined my date with Alexandra?” He asks as I take another step back until I’m leaning against the farm sink. “That was six years ago.” I swallow hard suddenly parched. “What was it that you said…” He feigns not remembering as he taps his index finger against his beautifully full lips as he catches my eyes. “I am a much better choice than that slut.” “I didn’t… I was…” I start …

Update: New Book, Homeschooling and other random thoughts.

Ah! School has finally started after what felt like a never ending summer at Maison Jeulin.  This year I have a senior... yikes! And a kindergartner. Double Yikes!
My senior has started the year with a bang, getting creative and dying to start working on the Morning Show in his High School and looking forward to next year's adventure, when he's finally out of school and pursuing his Film courses. 
The kindergartner has also been very happy about his new school. Rather than going to a traditional brick and mortar school, we've chosen to let him try out the virtual school. So far it's been great. We are members of the Florida Virtual School under Connections Academy. It's all very daunting  but there's amazing support, and we can't be happier. 
I'm looking forward to seeing Jack-Henry soar and get ahead in his courses, at his own pace. 

As you may know by now thanks to Facebook and Twitter, I'm working on a new book, a New Adult romance/thriller whic…

Review: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, (may contain spoilers)

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
Rating : 2.5 cookies
I was so excited about reading this play, since we no longer live in London, and can’t go and see it. Also, there’s something about reading plays that I enjoy. It must be because I’ve not worked as an actor for so long. Whatever the case, when I marched up to the till to pay for the two copies that we picked at our local bookshop, I had great expectations.
Of course I knew that the play wouldn’t be like the books. JK Rowling wasn’t involved in writing. She’d merely approved the story, which was of course based on that 19 years later epilogue. However as a Potterhead, I was more than willing to read this book in one sitting, devouring every stage direction and piece of dialogue.  308 pages? No, problem, I’ve read books slightly longer than that in half a day.
Then last night, I threw the book against the wall and gave myself a time out.
So let’s break this down… I’m trying not to spoil the play, but there are things that I have …

Exclusive Cover Reveal and Google Hang Out announcement Author Cindya Rios-Myers

When: August 7
Time: 3pm
Where: Google Hang Out

Cyndia Rios-Myers is a Southern California writer who enjoys reading, long hikes, and good laughs. You can keep up with her musings on her Facebook page, at, or on Twitter at @criosmyers.

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And now, a Special Cover Reveal

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Amanda Morales Robles is an eighteen-year-old girl who lives in the early 1990s in the town of Arecibo, Puerto Rico. She’s a senior in high school that has a lot on her plate. She has to mind her two teenaged siblings, Linda and Alex, as her mother Ada, a divorced woman, works hard and plays hard, too. Amanda’s got a reasonable handle on her life; she does more for her siblings than she should, but that will change when she starts college the following year. However, her life derails when her sixteen-year-old sister Linda tells her that she is pregnant. Linda swears that the only way to handle the situation is…