Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Teaser Tuesday: The Daywalkers of San Juan

It feels forever since I actually posted a teaser. So here it is :)

After climbing on top of the roof, I tiptoe around it until I can jump onto the next. The wind picks up around me, the moment my wobbly feet decide that they don’t have a good grip. After recovering from the mini-heart attack, I push on. The next jump isn’t so bad, it brings me closer to the lighthouse. I wait in the shadows, and once I know that there’s no one near, I break into a sprint before jumping on to the deck of the Lighthouse. As fast as I can, I push forward opening the door, and then closing it behind me.
My feet pound the metal staircase until I get to the top, and then gasp, as I notice that Lorena and Elena are already there. Leaning against the wall, I shake my head, as my speeding heart decides to slow down.
“Cheaters.” I say as they both grin.
“You took forever. Why can’t you just dismiss people?” Elena asks pushing her black hair back, revealing her freckled shoulders as her eyes move back to the sea in front of us.
“Because it’s not polite.” I reply as I join them, and Lorena hands me a ham and cheese sandwich which she probably stole from her parents’ bakery.
“You’re the Seer. Why shouldn’t you be able to ask people to leave you the hell alone?” Elena chimes in as Lorena shakes her head.
“You’ve always refused to play nice.” Lorena tells her as she runs a hand through her wild dark curls as her green eyes settle on Elena.
“How so?” Elena challenges as Lorena lifts her hand and her long thin finger wags inches from Elena’s nose.
“Ever since we were in diapers.” She replies before she looks away.
“I’m just a rebel.” Elena dismisses her comment as Lorena’s eyes narrow.
“That can get you killed.” Lorena hisses as I clear my throat.
“She’s fine.” I say before taking a bite out of my sandwich.
“You see, the Seer said I’m fine.” Elena face beams with a triumphant smile as Lorena swears under her breath.
“For now… I’m sure tomorrow you’ll do something equally stupid and then your future will change yet again.” Lorena tells her undeterred.
“You worry too much.” Elena shrugs as Lorena glances my way.
“We’re part of your counsel, we’re meant to be serious, and to know and understand consequences.” Lorena adds as I swallow.
“Yes, and I know that Elena understands this… as you do.” I say but Lorena’s not convinced.
“So… did you have that sexy dream with Matteo de Orbeta?” Elena knocks her shoulder against mine and I shake my head.
“What sexy dream?” Lorena’s eyes grow twice the size as I shift uncomfortably. “They’re monitoring your dreams, you shouldn’t…”
“Hey, I didn’t ask for the dream.” I say before I take another bite of the sandwich.

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