Monday, December 14, 2015

12 days of Interred: 10 Things you don't know about Moira

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10 Things You Don’t Know about Moira

  1. Moira is the daughter of the leader of the Scottish Council.
  2. She moved to England after the birth of her daughter, Annabel, and then became a full time member of the English Council.
  3. Moira was in a relationship with a married man, the father of Annabel and Sydney, which lasted until ten years before Interred starts.
  4. One of Moira’s amazing abilities is the ability to create a protection shield around her and others.
  5. Moira has been in a relationship with Morgan for the past six years.
  6. David Gainsborough is Moira’s third cousin twice removed.
  7. She’s deeply proud of her Scottish roots, and claims to be a descendant of 
  8. William Wallace.
  9. She majored in History and Literature at Trinity College, Cambridge.
  10. Moira doesn’t drive.  But…
  11. She’s a qualified airplane pilot. 
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