Saturday, December 19, 2015

12 days of Interred : 10 things you don't know about Jack Ashdown

12 days of Interred continues with,

10 Things You Don’t Know about Jack Ashdown:

1.       When Jack was five years old, he managed to get stuck between the washing machine and the dryer.

2.       Jack and his twin sister, Jessica, used to be extremely close until he was forced to go to the States for his own safety.

3.       Jack’s known about his father’s philandering ways since he was quite small, and was asked to keep them secret.

4.       Teasing people and pretending to be a happy-go-lucky sort of guy is the perfect way for Jack to deal with his parents’ problems.

5.       Eleonor used to scare the pants off Jack.

6.       Jack’s never had a pet of his own.

7.       Before the Interment to help him concentrate, his father made him take music lessons. He plays the violin, piano, and trombone.

8.       Jack has one other tattoo, a dagger on his right hip.

9.       Though everyone thinks he’s dated a lot, Jack’s training prevented him from doing normal things like having a girlfriend. Even if he never admits to it, Baxter’s the first girl he’s ever kissed.

10.   Jack’s favorite band is The Libertines.

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