Saturday, December 26, 2015

10 things you don't know about: Sydney

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10 things you don’t know about Sydney
1.       Sydney and his sister Annabel look very much alike, though they’re not twins.
2.       Annabel is the only person, beside Baxter, who knew that Sydney was in a relationship with Arthur.
3.       Sydney’s father is a powerful member of the Council, who has two other children.  He barely ever acknowledges Sydney’s presence.
4.       Formula One, Daytona 500 and Motor cross are some of the things that he obsesses about.
5.       Sydney’s a huge Star Trek fan and can impersonate William Shatner or Leonard Nimoy at the drop of a hat.
6.       His favorite Beatle is George Harrison.
7.       He’s a closeted Eastender’s fan. (long running British Soap Opera on BBC 1)
8.       Sydney supports West Ham much to his sister’s chagrin, as she’s a diehard fan of Man U.
9.       Under his bed: newspapers, poetry books (Emily Dickinson, Langston Hughes and WH Auden), endless cups stained by tea, and a Bear. It was placed under the bed by Annabel when he was three years old, to chase the nightmares away.
10.   Annabel and Sydney got matching tattoos on their lower back, on the eve of the Interment. The tattoo of the infinite sign was done in white ink, with their names laced in the loops.

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