Wednesday, December 23, 2015

10 things you don't know about: Drew Jacobs (INTERRED)

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10 things you don’t know about Drew,
1.       Drew was named after his father, Andrew Jacobs, but he doesn’t want to be called Andrew. He asks everyone to instead call him Drew, the same nickname people used to refer to his dad.
2.       He hero worships his older sister, Baxter, though he never tells her. Drew prefers to annoy her, so she doesn’t get a bigger head on her shoulders.
3.       When he found out he was going to be a big brother, he experimented with being called Andrew. It lasted one hour.
4.       Drew had his first kiss during his twelfth birthday party, when he kissed Elizabeth Chan on a dare. He’s since tried to forget about it, since wanted him to buy her presents.
5.       He’s a huge Eoin Colfer fan and has read the Artemis Fowler series many times over.
6.       Drew plays in the forward position in his soccer team.
7.       When he found out Dr. Winters had the hots for his mum, his first word was: Ew.
8.       He was “best” man at his mother’s wedding, though everyone insisted in calling him the ring bearer.
9.       Drew’s an avid insect collector, and can name most species of butterflies and crickets, when shown pictures of them.
10.   Even though he’s not told Dickie, he wants to grow up and be a pediatrician like him. 

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