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Exclusive Giveaway!!

To celebrate the release of Alternate Tome Tender is hosting an exclusive giveaway. So head over there and check it out, here!

When a portal leaves Baxter trapped and powerless in an alternate world, she finds herself on the run and fighting for her life. The world’s Council wants to hand her over to Declan, and her only source of support is a broken Alternate Jack who blames her for all he’s lost. Baxter soon realizes that if she’s going to defeat Declan and get back to her world, she’ll have to reclaim her abilities and be stronger than she ever imagined.

Declan and the Absorbers’ Initiative wage war on everyone who opposes them in their hunt for Baxter. Their actions reveal what her future will be like if she doesn’t make some drastic decisions. She knows that one misstep on her part will lead to the destruction of not just this world, but her own.

In a race against Time and bitter enemies, Baxter will discover how much is at stake and just what she’ll have to sacrifice …

10 things you don't know: Fred Huxtable

10 things you don’t know about Fred 1.Fred’s triplets are the product of a fling long before he and Morgan became an item. 2.He was educated at Eton. 3.Fred’s father, Henry Huxtable, pushed for him to be betrothed to Mara, when that fell apart; they devised a plan for Fred to be close to Morgan. 4.Fred loves to read books by Kafka and Nietzsche. 5.He’s a Monarchist. 6.His favorite time period to travel to is World War 2. For a while, he and Morgan helped the resistance in France before returning to present time London. 7.Though Morgan and Fred were an item for many years, once she found out about her deaths, and how her timeline was affected, she broke it off with him. 8.Ringo Starr and Mick Jagger are Fred’s godfathers. 9.Fred drives a classic Bentley Meteor. 10.He still has the engagement ring that he bought for Morgan.

10 things you don't know about: Sydney


New Release!!! Alternate, Chronicles of the Interred by Moi :)


Alternate's Playlist!!

Alternate's Playlist

Empire by Shakira

Don't put dirt in my grave just yet by Hayden Panetierre

Never tear us apart by INXS
I see Fire by Ed Sheeran
Pompeii by Bastille
White Flag by Dido
Feel by Robbie Williams
If you can't live without me, why aren't you dead yet? by Mayday Parade

Alternate releases tomorrow!! Christmas Day!!!

10 things you don't know about: Drew Jacobs (INTERRED)