Friday, November 13, 2015

#NaNoWriMo Update and other things

Hi Everyone,

How's everyone doing? Have you kept typing furiously away this week? Are doubts creeping in? Have you managed to get your word count in? Have you gone back and edited? NO! Don't do that!!!!

I'm still nowhere near my 30k goal for this week. My actual word count is somewhere over 25k. It's not bad, I keep telling myself. I had to stop writing for two days to take care of last minutes edits that needed to be done.

Now, I can say that #Alternate is ready for formatting and on track for its December 25th release. And I've been left feeling as if I sent my kids to college and will never, EVER, EVER see them again.

Of course that's not true. I'll be able to revisit these stories, right? :)

Since Alternate's cover reveal is next week, I'll leave you here with a small collage of pictures from the photoshoot. The photos are by Kelsey Kukal and the models are Garrett Warren and Eden Branstetter as Jack and Baxter respectively.

Don't forget to check out the blog on November 20th for Alternate's cover reveal and blurb reveal.

Also if you've not read Interred, and Fissure, make sure to keep your eyes on the blog, there'll be a sale on December ahead of Alternate's release. :) 

Have a good one!

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