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Alternate Cover Reveal!!!!


Author Interview: Denice Garrou


Shakespeare Goes Punk 2 Upcoming Release

Punksters in celebration of the upcoming release! Enter the Once More Unto The Breach: Shakespeare Goes Punk 2 rafflecopter giveaway below! The contest runs until Dec. 01st! So enter to win E-books, Amazon Gift-card, Swag! Check it out below! 12 winners will be chosen! WebsiteFace BookSOUND&FURY: Shakespeare Goes Punk Book1Grab Your copy on Amazon!We are a small, somewhat anarchic writers’ collective.Sound and Fury: Shakespeare Goes Punk is our first anthology of stories based on the Bard’s work. We have taken the plays that audiences have enjoyed for hundreds of years and reinvented them as cyberpunk, dieselpunk, Teslapunk and steampunk tales. Featuring comedies and tragedies as well as a wide variety of punk genres, this collection has something for everyone. A spirit of subversive fun is strongly encouraged.ABOUT WriterPunks! Follow us on Face BookTwitterYouTubeWHO WE ARE“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” – Aristotle What happens when stay-at-home moms, business p…

Author Interview : D. L. Colon

Can you tell us a little bit about your books?

I have four Books published so far. 
I have the Lost City Series on which the order of them is:
The Lost City : Drake's Revenge Book 1
The Lost City : King's Inheritance Book 2
The Lost City : The Champions of Darkness (Novella ) Book 3
And a Short story 
A Genie's Kiss, which is free on amazon. 
My series The Lost City Series, is focused on a Appocalyptic World, where The Angels prompted The Biblical apocalypse to happen, they weren't Happy with how, humans were treating earth, and they decided to conquer, but the demons couldn't let them have it all, and they came to fight, they used earth as their middle ground, and quickly  The fight turned against humanity, And suddenly Human were on the brink of extinction, but humans developed powers and they are fighting back.
The Lost City: Drake's Revenge : My Second Book in my Lost City Series.
Is Focused on Noryad King returning to his hom…

Author Interview, Jessica Therrien