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Alternate Cover Reveal!!!!


When a portal leaves Baxter trapped and powerless in an alternate world, she finds herself on the run and fighting for her life. The world’s Council wants to hand her over to Declan, and her only source of support is a broken Alternate Jack who blames her for all he’s lost. Baxter soon realizes that if she’s going to defeat Declan and get back to her world, she’ll have to reclaim her abilities and be stronger than she ever imagined.

Declan and the Absorbers’ Initiative wage war on everyone who opposes them in their hunt for Baxter. Their actions reveal what her future will be like if she doesn’t make some drastic decisions. She knows that one misstep on her part will lead to the destruction of not just this world, but her own.

In a race against Time and bitter enemies, Baxter will discover how much is at stake and just what she’ll have to sacrifice to save those she loves. Can she learn from the fate of an alternate world how to become the Time Bender she’s meant to be?

Interred, Book 1

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Fissure, Book 2

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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Author Interview: Denice Garrou

Can you tell us a little bit about your books?

My Dragonhorse Saga has two books with one more on the way. I call it a paranormal fairytale with a little romance. This tale is based on my knowledge and experience with Celtic and Gypsy magic and folklore. This is not your usual fairytale and each book is full of fresh new ideas and characters. Nothing you have read before. I tried to write them in a manner that made the magic and story something very believable. 

My paranormal romance that just released, starts present day. Through a very special, old book of secrets you are taken to the past, beginning with 1918 then off to 334 BCE Delphi Greece. We learn a lot about women’s mysteries and what happened to Goddess worship as it waned and why it waned throughout our history. I love to incorporate history into all my stories, especially if they are teetering on conspiracy theory. This one is my babyboomer story. All my characters are late 50’s and early 60’s. The paranormal aspect of the story is a talking skull, a gift bearing raven, and very special black cat (or his he something else) and a whole lot of mystery, bumps in the night, apparitions and visions. I also incorporate the feeling the reincarnation is nothing more than immortality. This is the 1st book of this series which I call Avyon Book of Secrets. Candlelight & Cobwebs is the 1st book with book 2, City of Stone forming in the netherworld as we speak. The romance part is the trials and tragedies that endlessly follow my star-crossed and cursed couple. 

Do you remember the title of the first story you wrote?

I think it was in 5th grade, called “Empty Bowl”. It was something about why we are here. I got a special award for it too. 

What is your work schedule like when you’re writing? 

I try to write in the early morning up until about 2 or 3 pm. In between, I have to do bookwork for husband’s home building company, take care of the horses and the chickens and the dogs. If it is summer I then am busy gardening. I love to grow herbs since I am an herbalist among other things. I also am a Reiki Master Teacher, artist, crystal healer etc. 

Where do you find inspiration?

 In our distant past. I love to explore our forbidden and forgotten ‘true’ history of our planet. Also, studying earth based religions. Back in the 90’s when I ‘awoke’, I began to take any and every metaphysical course, workshop and class I could afford. I incorporate all that I learned and experienced in my books. I also incorporate my visions and views. 

Dragonhorse was about, reconnecting the people back to Earth, that we are not separate from nature. We are part of Earth as long as we choose to incarnate on her, die and leave our bones behind. Just imagine looking up at the full moon every month and wonder how many lifetimes you have done this. It really puts things in perspective. 

What have you learned about publishing that you didn’t know about when you first started writing?

How much work it is. It is a fulltime job and then some. I also learned how little I know about my computer.

What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

Oh well who does not love to read! That’s the hardest part. I want to read but the more books I publish the less time I have to read. I love being in nature, walking in the woods hugging trees, talking to the wildlife etc. Yes I am one of those.

Can you tell us about your future projects?
I am working on the third book of my Dragonhorse Saga, Talion. This one is going to be so much fun. There is even going to be pirates! Pirates in a paranormal fairytale, intriguing isn’t it? Then I must get researching on the second book of my Avyon Book of Secrets series, The City of Stone. The city of stone actually refers to the lost Jordanian city of Petra. This is pre Christian times, when Goddess worship was still being practiced. I have always wanted to visit this historical site and so in the meantime I will just visit it in my imagination. 

My books are available as paperback and Ebook format.
You can buy a signed copy of my books on my website
I play around on my Youtube channel

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Shakespeare Goes Punk 2 Upcoming Release

Punksters in celebration of the upcoming release! Enter the Once More Unto The Breach: Shakespeare Goes Punk 2 rafflecopter giveaway below! The contest runs until Dec. 01st! So enter to win E-books, Amazon Gift-card, Swag! Check it out below! 12 winners will be chosen!

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SOUND&FURY: Shakespeare Goes Punk Book1

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We are a small, somewhat anarchic writers’ collective. Sound and Fury: Shakespeare Goes Punk is our first anthology of stories based on the Bard’s work. We have taken the plays that audiences have enjoyed for hundreds of years and reinvented them as cyberpunk, dieselpunk, Teslapunk and steampunk tales. Featuring comedies and tragedies as well as a wide variety of punk genres, this collection has something for everyone. A spirit of subversive fun is strongly encouraged.

ABOUT WriterPunks! Follow us on Face Book Twitter YouTube


“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” – Aristotle
What happens when stay-at-home moms, business people, students, freelance dilettantes and all in between gather to discuss writing? Let me ask you another way. What do you get when writers – some published, some haven’t written in years, some completely new to the craft – discuss cyberpunk and steampunk works? Well, if the right mix of people find each other, you get a group like Writerpunk. We are a group of writers who are not only passionate about storytelling, but love to imagine new worlds. We’re the kind of people who sit back and think “What if?” before spending hours over our keyboards tapping out dieselpunk, clockpunk, and splatterpunk stories. We like to delve into the past, change one event, and watch how the ripples will change the future — and we scribble down the results. We look toward the future, envision what cybernetics will do to mankind, and bring that vision to the present. We’re the kind of people who see a picture of Abraham Lincoln with a machine gun grafted to his forearm and think, “Yeah, I could work with that.” But before any of us put pen to paper, fingers to keyboard, or quill to parchment, we were all readers. We read books like Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, Neuromancer, or Mirrorshades, and came away with a love of cyberpunk. We saw movies like The Rocketeer or Steamboy and walked out of the theater with the wheels of our minds turning, eager to create our own worlds. Above all, we are a community. We started as individual writers interested in cyberpunk and steampunk and associated genres, and together we became more. While some of us had written in those genres for years and others were sticking a toe in to test the waters, we all benefited from being Writerpunks.

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Author Interview : D. L. Colon

Can you tell us a little bit about your books?

I have four Books published so far. 

I have the Lost City Series on which the order of them is:

The Lost City : Drake's Revenge Book 1

The Lost City : King's Inheritance Book 2

The Lost City : The Champions of Darkness (Novella ) Book 3

And a Short story 

A Genie's Kiss, which is free on amazon. 

My series The Lost City Series, is focused on a Appocalyptic World, where The Angels prompted The Biblical apocalypse to happen, they weren't Happy with how, humans were treating earth, and they decided to conquer, but the demons couldn't let them have it all, and they came to fight, they used earth as their middle ground, and quickly  The fight turned against humanity, And suddenly Human were on the brink of extinction, but humans developed powers and they are fighting back.

The Lost City: Drake's Revenge :
My Second Book in my Lost City Series.

Is Focused on Noryad King returning to his home County that was destroyed by the Result of the war, his whole family was slaughter,   by the Demons and their Commander Raphael, and so Noryad has to come back to Look for A sword he never knew about, while the world is At war, he has to complete this before returning to war, But Raphael has tracked him Down, and is coming for him.
The Lost City: Kings Inheritance;

My Third Book is my first Novella in The Lost City Series,  Is focused in the Villains,  is takes place on Hell, where Lucifer reigns, and She Is about to bring a New teams of Champions to defeat the The Lost City Warriors.

The Book is Called 

The Lost City : The Champions of Darkness

My Short Story A Genie's Kiss, is Focused on Roy Hudson going back in time to Explore caves, and temples that doesn't exist on his time.

 Do you remember the title of the first story you wrote?
Yes it was Drake's Revenge.

 What is your work schedule like when you’re writing?

i write whenever i get the chance.

Where do you find inspiration?

watching anime, Listening to music.

 What have you learned about publishing that you didn’t know about when you first started writing?

I would have to say Everything, i didn't know anything about writing or publishing.

 What do you like to do when you’re not writing?
i like to watch anime , read manga, read books, listen to music, play xbox one.

 Can you tell us about your future projects?

My New Project is Called:
                                    The Dragon Empire: The Dragon Slayer
Glaycol Masters comes from a family of Hunters in the continent of Istagar. 
Glaycol knows everything there is to know about every mystical creature and how to kill them, 
except for the Dragons. No one has been ever been able to kill them. 

Glaycol still has to take his final test to become a Hunter worthy of bearing the name Masters, 
His weapon of preference; a great sword.

For his final test Bonca, Glaycol’s father, sent him to hunt the Chimera of the Valley of the 
Blood and bring each of their heads back. Glaycol has now killed the Chimera and is returning 
the Forest of Darkness, where he lives with his family on top of a mountain that oversees the city. 
When he arrives his family is waiting for him, even his older brothers, who are also hunters, are 
there to celebrate the graduation of their brother. Once he presents the heads of the Chimera to 
his father, each of his family members gives him his gift. As they start they all give him a piece 
of armor until he has a full set of black armor. It is called, The Berserker.

Their celebration is cut short when the leader of the Dragons, Hyglarur, attacks them by surprise; 
killing everyone except for Glaycol. His new armor absorbed the fire, but he didn’t came out 
unscratched. He lost his right eye. 

Glaycol, now driven by revenge and his family’s creed: Kill them all, has to find clues to where 
Hyglarur’s brother, Rotwar, is hiding. When he finds him Glaycol attacks, leaving him wounded 
and with a message for Hyglarur; Hyglarur, I am coming for you and your Dragon Empire. I 
now know that Dragons can be killed.

Glaycol Masters was once known as the Berserker, but a new name has been given to him. The 
continent will forever know him as The Dragon Slayer. 

This is his Story.

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Monday, November 16, 2015

Author Interview, Jessica Therrien

Can you tell us a little bit about your books?

CHILDREN OF THE GODS is a YA paranormal romance trilogy. It’s based on the premise that the Greek gods we know about in mythology weren’t really gods but a race of people with unusually abilities and long life spans. It makes sense to imagine that if people in ancient Greece had powers and long lives they would be mistaken for gods. So I used that concept and brought it into today’s world. Here’s a snippet from the back cover of OPPRESSION (Children of the gods #1):
Elyse knows what it means to keep a secret. She's been keeping secrets her whole life. Two, actually. First, that she ages five times slower than average people, so that while she looks eighteen years old, she's well over eighty. Second, that her blood has a mysterious power to heal. For Elyse, these things don't make her special. They make life dangerous.

After the death of her parents, she's been careful to keep her secret as closely guarded as possible. Now, only one other person in the world knows about her age and ability.

Or so she thinks.

Do you remember the title of the first story you wrote?

The Girls. It was the story of how my 3 adopted cousins came to be a part of our family. I think I was 12 or something…

What is your work schedule like when you’re writing?

Since I’m a stay-at-home mom to a 2-year-old and an 8-month-old you can imagine the chaos around my writing routine. Who am I kidding, what routine? I type one handed while feeding a baby and singing the Batman theme song for the older one.

Where do you find inspiration?

Other books. My writing tends to emulate whatever book I’m currently reading so if I’m writing YA, I read YA. I found Moira Young’s series, DUSTLANDS, to be very inspiring. 

What have you learned about publishing that you didn’t know about when you first started writing?

Traditional publishing isn’t all it is made out to be. I went down that rout and ended up asking for my rights back. Now I publish through Acorn Publishing, a small imprint created by a few of my author-friends and I. We keep all of our rights and make our own decisions, but we’re still a part of a collection of works supported by a great group of people. Check us out at

What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

Sleep. Bahaha. I just saw a parenting cartoon that showed a mom on the couch: “Finally! Kids are asleep. Chores are done. From now until bedtime I can do whatever I want.” The next scene shows her passed out and drooling: “zzzzzzz…”
That pretty much sums it up ;)

Can you tell us about your future projects?

I have two in the works once this release and blog tour are done. The first is a children’s book about a whale. The second is a more serious story about my younger sister and her struggle with life. It’s going to be a tough one to write.

Thank you for letting me interview, Jessica!

Lead Council member, Christoph, is dead by Elyse’s hand, and Descendants have begun to emerge, exposing their secret to the world. Some see this as the prophecy come to fruition, but the prophecy caries a heavy consequence. It was never meant to be as peaceful as most had hoped.

Humans and Descendants struggle to live together in a world that isn’t ready for such a change. America is divided. Those who glorify the supernatural race believe Descendants truly are the gods they claim relation to. Others see them as a threat.

When Elyse gives birth to the next generation oracle, she sees one final vision—war. The destruction of the country’s major cities, and the end of America as we know it.

After her daughter is born, Elyse finds herself without the ability she needs to predict the future. Desperate to save the world from such conflict, she puts her faith in the hope that Descendants are the key to survival. After all, they have the power to supply a broken society with the means to survive.

Only from the ashes can a new world be born.

GOODREADS | AMAZON | BARNES & NOBLE (Links available soon)

Elyse’s Story…

UPRISING (Book #2)

The Children of the Gods Series

The Descendants have waited long enough for freedom…

About The Author
JESSICA THERRIEN spent most of her life in the small town of Chilcoot, California, high up in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. In this town of nearly 100 residents, with no streetlights or grocery stores, there was little to do but find ways to be creative. Her mother, the local English teacher, inspired her to do all things artistic, and ultimately instilled in her a love for language. Jessica currently lives in Southern California with her husband and their two children.

You can visit her online at