Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Whovian Wednesday: Under the Lake Review

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Last Week's Doctor Who episode Under the Lake, felt a lot like Classic Who. The episode written by Toby Whithouse, who previously penned School Reunion (YAY, Sara Jane Smith) and The G-d Complex (sorry, but I always fall asleep when I try to watch this) took us on a roller coaster ride, with an unthinkable cliffhanger. 

Daniel O'Hara, directing Doctor Who for the first time, did an awesome job at creating a very claustrophobic and creepy episode. And together with the special effects people, who created the creepiest of the ghosts on board, this episode was one of those that surely will make you hide behind the sofa. I mean seriously, even the TARDIS was afraid of them.

The Doctor, once he meets the crew, opens up with one of the best lines, which sums him up well: "Who's in charge now? I need to know who to ignore."

Even though Clara's not found her place next to Capaldi's Doctor in this series, as she did in the last one, the few moments between her and the Doctor were priceless. Especially the moment when she hands him the index cards. 
All in all, Under the Lake was a well paced episode with loads of information and adventure and an amazing cliffhanger which definitely left me looking forward to next week's episode. 

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