Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Teaser Tuesday: Untitled

I've been writing down scenes and trying to get some W.I.P.S. finished in order to move on and continue editing and writing Airbrushed. Unfortunately, there aren't enough hours in the day.

However, one of the W.I.P.S that I'm working on, is an untitled story, which has stolen a bit of my heart. So I'm teasing from this story today. :)

As always this is a Rough First Draft. :)

The flame dances, inviting me to touch it. No, daring me to touch it, to let my  fingers singe against her, like I’ve done hundreds of times before. I let my hand move over, hovering enough, to feel the heat but not burn the palm of my hand. I know if visible damage is done to my skin, my review is going to go to hell, and I’ll be stuck in this hellhole until I turn eighteen, or I die, whichever comes first.

“Hey, Dakota.” I hear Nurse Fanny calling, and push off the counter where the candle is and turn to look at her, making sure that I keep my tongue in check. The last thing I need is for her to go and tell the therapist that I’ve been mouthy. “What are you still doing there? Go.” She says pointing in the general direction of the hallway, as I pull my bag from the chair and nod.

I walk slowly, keeping my head down. Most of the kids in here are crazy. They mutter to themselves, some even drool on themselves without a care in the world. If you look their way, they take it as an affront and will jump you when you least expect it. I’ve learned the hard way. I got jumped three times in the space of a week.

“Yo, D!” I turn though I know full well who’s calling me. Reagan stands with her blonde curls falling down her sides, it's hard to see her eyes.

“I’m late.” I tell her as she offers one of those dazzling smiles she likes to use on the male interns and the younger patients who aren’t murderers.

“I know, but I was wondering if you’d changed the bandages.” She moves her hand to my side, as I pull away.

“I’m fine.” I hiss as she laughs softly, as if we had no cares in the world. Almost as if we were just walking down a regular hallway in a school somewhere and we weren’t surrounded by nuts and asses who were trying to drug us up, at the first sight of trouble.

“Okay.” She smiles unconcerned as we pass the twins doors.

Not exactly twins, but they became fast friends and look a bit alike. They’re such annoying best friends and actually end up each other’s sentences. When we turn the corner and reach the double doors, Reagan stands up straighter and then looks my way. Her eyes have lost their glistening bright lights.

“Just be careful.” She states taking a step back as I bite my lip.

“It’s going to be fine.”

“Just remember to change your bandages.” She touches her nose before she turns on her heels and walks away.

I swallow hard, as I wait for the nurse to open the door. She’s sitting behind a glass window and door, according to Lonely Jim, the glass is bullet proof.  Nurse Tilly waves at me from the opposite end of the corridor, her ginger locks escaping her nurse hat, as she knocks on the glass door. I see the nurse inside it move at the top speed of a slug, before the buzzard echoes around me and Nurse Tilly pushes the door open as the two security men on her side, rush over to make sure that I’m not going to attack her.

“Hello, Dakota.” Nurse Tilly says in a loud voice, her cheerfulness this early in the morning always makes me think that she’s high on drugs. Of course her eyes are clear, and she doesn’t smell like alcohol so I can’t blame tht either for her happiness. She’s probably just a morning person.

“Bag on the table.” The first man says as he points to the small table as I let go of my black leather back pack. It’s one of the few possessions that I have, and I don’t like to part with it. Inside of it there are priceless things. AT least priceless to me. Family albums, a plastic bottle with my mother’s perfume, my father’s silk black tie, his cap, my brother’s shirt, which my aunt specifically brought from the hamper, and my baby sister’s blanket. Nurse Tilly stopped the other nurses from taking them away from me. And for that I’m grateful. 

“I’ll wait just here.” Nurse Tilly states as she moves to the other side of the metal detector, as I nod. I wait for the second security guard to look my way and nod, before I walk through it.

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