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Whovian Wednesday: The Magician's Apprentice and The Witch's Familiar

The Magician's apprentice was a fun filled episode, which was made more interesting by Missy's sass.  The plot was driven to an all out confrontation between the Doctor and Davros, whilst giving Clara and Missy sometime to explore their relationship as the Doctor's other friends/companions. 
I love Missy. I must say that though the other actors who played the Master have a very special place in my heart, John Simm and MIchelle Gomez have really stolen the show with their characterizations of the Master/Mistress. I also believe that Missy has had some of the best and funniest lines of a villain in any tv show, hands down. 
The Witch's familiar was a slower paced episode, at least for me. We had some longer dialogue scenes between the Doctor and Davros, and dare I say it, even moments when we almost cried because of Davros. This episode felt a lot like a conclusion, though several things that happened in The Magician's apprentice weren't addressed and they'v…

Teaser Tuesday: Airbrushed

For those of you who followed my old blog, this story might be familiar. I've been working on it since 2009 and wasn't sure how it was going to go. Usually, I would write about 5 k words, then move on to something different because I wouldn't be able to figure out where it was going.

I picked it up again on Saturday, and rewrote the first 5k words again. After posting this to my Facebook and asking a few of my Author friends for feedback, one of them surprised me with her comments. So after talking to Michelle Conrwell-Jordan about the scene, and listening to her awesome advice, I realized why this wasn't working. Airbrushed was just not a regular dystopian, but it a Steampunk Dystopian world. After that, things got increasingly better. :) For now, I'll leave you with this excerpt and hope you like it.

Rough Draft

Sudden Hope by Daniele Lanzarotta :: New Release!! #YA

Alec is a seventeen-year-old who has endured more in life than anyone should have to. Seeing his neighbor and ex-bestfriend, Skylar, struggle after a tragic loss, Alec makes it his mission to show her that life is worth living.
Little does he know that he will learn that same lesson.
Sneak Preview:

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Virtual Fantasy Con

This year I'm taking part in Virtual Fantasy Con, the event runs from November 1st to November 8th.

Young Adult Sunday will be on November 8th, and there are so many authors taking part, it's going to be awesome.

If you would like to check it out, join the event here.

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Out of Character blog spotlight by Molly Zenk

OUT OF CHARACTER blog spotlight

After the loss of her brother, actress Harmony Jones struggles with daily life. Landing the lead role on the hit faith based living history show, 1700s Life, might be the perfect way to reconnect with her faith and be her big acting break.

Tired of hiding his strong faith and convictions to get secular roles, David Hawkins jumps at the chance to play the curate on 1700s Life. It's the perfect vehicle to spread God’s word.

Elliot Banes’ career needs an image makeover, so he accepts the naval hero role on 1700s Life. Getting away from his overbearing mother is an added bonus. His true hope is to learn to speak his mind instead of always fading into the background.

When a scripted love triangle between Harmony, David, and Elliot becomes a real life love triangle, Harmony must make a difficult decision. She hoped to find her wavering faith, she didn't count on finding love as well. If that was her only obstacle, the role would be a breeze. Unfor…

Inspiration, a guest post by Jamie White


Promo Post: Eliza Tilton The Daath Chronicles Book two