Open Mic Blog Hop

Hi guys!

So this is a vlog made for the Submission Process Open Mic Blog Hop. Hope you enjoy it!

PS There's a problem with the volume *coughs* So lower your volume before listening cause I don't want to be responsible for any ears bleeding all over the place LOL 

Have you marked Interred to read?

Time has never been an issue for Baxter Jacobs, but then she never knew her Time Bending ability would put the world's fate in her hands.

When Baxter inherits a pendant from her great-grandmother, it connects her to the mysterious Declan Ashdown. Trapped in a time loop for the past 122 years, Declan needs Baxter's help to escape it. The problem is that Baxter is now a target by the powerful Council of Magical Beings, who want to exploit her unusual skills.

With the help of Declan's descendant, Jack, Baxter has to try to master her abilities before the Council makes her an unwilling accomplice to their vengeance

First page:

I stare at my cell willing the signal bar to light up. It’s been hours since the thing worked. Once I place it on the table, I press my forehead against the window. No cable, no cell phone, it’s as if we are living in the eighties or something. My steps take me back to the computer. No internet. Can this day get any worse?
“Baxter! SCRABBLE TIME!” Mom calls from the first floor and I groan. Bad weather means extra family time. Mom surely is going to make us play all night long.
“Please, please, please.” I plead softly looking at my computer. The internet bar is dead, red cross over it and all, I wonder if I should hold a funeral.
“Hey loser!” My baby brother calls from the hall. “Mom’s going on and on about you getting your bottom downstairs.” He smiles showing his dimples. I know better than to fall for the sweet façade.
“I’m coming.” Defeated, I turn the computer off, and then move to grab my cell phone from the table.
“There’s no signal.” Drew reminds me as I nod.
“Let’s call this wishful thinking.” I point to the phone.
“Yes, you think you can wish,” He laughs scurrying away from me.
I on the other hand, drag my feet down the stairs. Once I reach the living room where the rest of the family is, I force a smile. Mom’s already placing the board on the table. “I’m going to help Dickie with the snacks.” My hand reaches for Drew’s hood as I pull him with me to the kitchen where my stepdad has been sorting food for us.


  1. I loved it!! You did a wonderful job!!

    1. Thank you! If any of my university mates sees this, they'll probably say I'm still a camera whore LOL

  2. Sounds awesome :) Thanks for sharing! (btw, I LOVE the name Declan!)