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Hi gang!!

Here are some updates from me to you! *I'm going to be singing that Beatles song all night long now.* 

Closer to the edge is nearing completion. There were a few tweaks, that then turned into another few tweaks and me deciding that I wanted to rework one of the subplots. So I had to cancel the launch that I had for May. Instead the book will be ready either at the end of August, Mid-September.

I'm also working on Spheres, the first book in the Stories from the Veil series. These books are connected by characters, though each book will be a stand alone. All the books are linked together by Camelot and Merlin.

I've also decided to start work on my wolf pack book, which will be a sort of companion book to the Stories from the Veil. So... shift into the world of the Brickenhall Pack, coming soon.

The fourth book that I'm hoping to be able to work on, and then publish this year with Closer, is Widowed. This is a Romance book about finding love after the death of …

I can finally share the news!!

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to write a quick update.

Closer to the edge's publication date has been pushed back a few months. My new expected date is August 23rd, 2018. I was very disappointed that I couldn't keep with my May date, but I would rather work on the book and make it as good as it can be before I publish it.

Interred has been nominated for a Top Shelf Indie Book Award. I'm so chuffed. The winners will be announced in their December edition. This came as a total surprise as someone who read Interred and loved it nominated it. So whoever you are, and wherever you are, THANK YOU!!

Short Independent Film: Kadupul

Hello guys! Today's spotlight! A short independent film called Kadupul produced by 4CWMedia Production, BRJproductions and cinematography by Luz Pictura Productions which releases on July 24th 2018! Take a peek at the poster, created by the awesome graphic artist Rylee Hunter and trailer below by the talented cinematographer Alex Espinoza! Stay connected and leave a like for updates on events, releases and giveaways at 4CWMedia Productions on Face Book What's it about? Summary: Short term memory loss and an inability to look at herself in mirrors or old pictures; this is College Sophomore Klarissa Bloom’s life after surviving a physical assault in her freshman year. However, she’s now determined to prove to her parents that she can handle her return to school. But recovery is not a straight path, it’s one with dips and twists. A journey, not a final destination. With the help of her friends,Ravyen, Xander and Julian, Klarissa finds strength to identify with her passion for…

Henry and Gracie Free ebook

Don't miss your chance to download Henry and Gracie for free this weekend only on Amazon Kindle.

Teaser Tuesday: WOLVES

This is a Rough Draft of my latest project. :) A young adult book about two wolf packs forced to work together against the main threat.

Happy birthday, Interred!!

Five years ago, Interred was published by Iambe Books. I still remember the excitement and the dread as I waited for the bloggers to post their reviews. That's one part of publishing that I don't think, at least as an author, you ever get over those feelings.

Today, five books later, I'm so thankful to the people who have decided to take a chance on my books. This is one of those things that my 12-year-old self will never get over.

No one could have predicted, that that little girl who was always hiding under tables or lying on the bed with an opened notebook, would one day realize not only her dream but also her daddy's dream of becoming a published author.

Before I return to the editing cave, to continue working on Closer to the Edge (EPD May 29th 2018), I just want to thank you, once more, for your support and to those of you who have reached out to me to discuss Baxter and Jack's lives after Alternate, let me say, they're very happy together and Jack might…

Closer to the Edge release date!!

Hi guys! I finally have a release date for Closer to the edge which is totally written in stone. Are you ready for it?

Closer to the Edge release date: May 29th, 2018.
So mark your calendars, pretty sure you want to do that  now. :) The first book of Stories from the Veil, Spheres, is the next book in my schedule, I'm hoping to release that one next December 2018. *fingers crossed*