Happy birthday, Interred!!

Five years ago, Interred was published by Iambe Books. I still remember the excitement and the dread as I waited for the bloggers to post their reviews. That's one part of publishing that I don't think, at least as an author, you ever get over those feelings.

Today, five books later, I'm so thankful to the people who have decided to take a chance on my books. This is one of those things that my 12-year-old self will never get over.

No one could have predicted, that that little girl who was always hiding under tables or lying on the bed with an opened notebook, would one day realize not only her dream but also her daddy's dream of becoming a published author.

Before I return to the editing cave, to continue working on Closer to the Edge (EPD May 29th 2018), I just want to thank you, once more, for your support and to those of you who have reached out to me to discuss Baxter and Jack's lives after Alternate, let me say, they're very happy together and Jack might…

Closer to the Edge release date!!

Hi guys! I finally have a release date for Closer to the edge which is totally written in stone. Are you ready for it?

Closer to the Edge release date: May 29th, 2018.
So mark your calendars, pretty sure you want to do that  now. :) The first book of Stories from the Veil, Spheres, is the next book in my schedule, I'm hoping to release that one next December 2018. *fingers crossed*

Happy New Year!!

I hope you guys had a lovely Hanukkah, Christmas, Boxing Day, Kwanzaa, New Year's Eve!

Back in November, I was making strides with my Nano project, Normandy. However, my trusty laptop of five years crashed and burned by the end of the month. Yes, that means I couldn't finish my Nano wip, but worst of all, all my writings, books which were being edited, pictures, book covers, everything was lost. Well, it's lots for now. I still need to talk to a tech guy to see if he can rescue the documents from my laptop's hard drive.

Today, I sit outside the house, on the porch, editing Closer to the Edge. I thought this book would be lost forever, or at least until a tech tries to get the documents. :) Thankfully, I had uploaded a copy to Create Space, and the team there managed to get me a download link for it.

 Anyway, it's a cool 48 degrees Fahrenheit, (9 degrees Celsius) here in Tampa and as I work away, most diligently, on this book, I just wanted to take a moment to wish…

NaNoWriMo Update

Have you joined the madness that is NaNoWriMo yet? This first week has flown by. Well technically it's not been a week yet, but it'll be tomorrow right?

I've been working on a new draft of my old story Rain over Normandy. It's called simply "Normandy" and although I have the same old characters, the story has taken a more personal turn. I'm loving the characters, and the way the story is going. So here's a #ROUGHDRAFT of Normandy.

“So?” Anna asks looking at him. “She has a boyfriend.” “Oh come on, Aurelien. You can't be this dense. If she’s making out with you, she doesn’t like her boyfriend that much.” “She does… she said it was a mistake.” “Wow… Her mouth sucked on your neck by mistake?” Anna asks fuming as she stands up. “Non, qu'est ce que tu vas faire?” He asks annoyed as he holds on to her wrist. “you can’t go talk to her.” He chides Anna as she yanks her hand away. “That’s it… What is going on?” My granddad asks as he stops cutting the …

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!
One day early.
This past month has been a real blur,  but before I get into the updates, Congratulations to Ashley Martinez and Sue Van who both won copies of Henry and Gracie.

In other news, I’m ready for NaNoWriMo. Who’s doing it? You can add me if you’d like to, my username there is lynkay. I’ll be working on my sexy French WIP which is now titled Normandy. J

I’m still editing Closer to the Edge and finishing Spheres. But of course during NaNo both projects will be put in the TBF pile. 
So this is my Normandy blurb,

Victoria Isabelle Corden is returning to Normandy after a few years living in England and pretty much ignoring her previous life and family in France. She's been offered a managerial position in the Copy Writing department of her family's advertising company in Paris. And though she hesitated, she ended up taking it as she wants to spend more time with her twin cousins, Aurelien and Anna. Before La Rentree, she's forced to attend her Grandm…

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