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NaNoWriMo Update

Have you joined the madness that is NaNoWriMo yet? This first week has flown by. Well technically it's not been a week yet, but it'll be tomorrow right?

I've been working on a new draft of my old story Rain over Normandy. It's called simply "Normandy" and although I have the same old characters, the story has taken a more personal turn. I'm loving the characters, and the way the story is going. So here's a #ROUGHDRAFT of Normandy.

“So?” Anna asks looking at him. “She has a boyfriend.” “Oh come on, Aurelien. You can't be this dense. If she’s making out with you, she doesn’t like her boyfriend that much.” “She does… she said it was a mistake.” “Wow… Her mouth sucked on your neck by mistake?” Anna asks fuming as she stands up. “Non, qu'est ce que tu vas faire?” He asks annoyed as he holds on to her wrist. “you can’t go talk to her.” He chides Anna as she yanks her hand away. “That’s it… What is going on?” My granddad asks as he stops cutting the …

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