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Teaser Tuesday: Closer to the Edge

Henry and Gracie is finally with the editor. So I've turned my attention to Closer to the Edge. :) New Adult, Thriller/Romance/Rockstar  Here's a teaser, I'm still editing, so bear with me. 

“Did you expect me to be home crying over Trey?”
He raises an eyebrow and shrugs. “Not really…” he replies his finger moving down my arm. “I’m really glad you’re not crying over Trey.”
“Well, my brothers have always told me that there’s no use in crying over a man,” I say before biting my bottom lip as he moves his finger up my skin and then meet his eyes. “Plus… there are a lot of interesting men out there,” I add in a breathy voice trying to rein in my heart.
“Wyatt,” his voice’s nothing but a whisper while he closes the space between us and I find myself between his body and the counter. “Do you like to play with fire? I told you the last time…” he begins his eyes guarded while studying me.
“I- I don’t know… maybe I do.”
“I think you should go…” he says pressing his forehead against …

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