New Release, Bethany Lopez 42 Hours

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Title: 42 Hours (Time for Love #3)
Author: Bethany Lopez
Age Group: NA/Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Eight years ago, Scott and Gaby shared one very special night. Not wanting to ruin their friendship, they didn't take things further...but neither of them has forgotten.

When Scott’s friends stage an intervention to make him realize that his fiancé, Victoria, is all wrong for him, he takes time to evaluate his life. He’s earned a big promotion and just bought his dream car, but those things are just superficial. The one time he was truly happy, was with Gaby.

Gaby is in a good place in her life. She loves her job, has the best friends and family a girl could ask for, and is dating a sweet and sexy guy, but she’s never stopped thinking about that night with Scott.

Eager to find happiness again, Scott makes a plan to win Gaby’s heart during a weekend getaway, but she doesn’t want to be his rebound girl. Will 42 hours be enough to convince Gaby that it's finally their time for love?

Gaby stood up and walked slowly toward me, her long gray skirt swishing around her legs, and the bracelets on her arms clinking together as she moved. Her long blonde hair was loose and flowed around her shoulders. She wasn’t wearing any makeup, and her expression was somber, but she looked as beautiful as ever.
She held her hand out to me, and when I took it, she led me toward an overstuffed chair and indicated that I should sit, before going back to her place next to Sasha on the couch and facing me once more. “Scott,” she began in her soft, sweet voice, “we’re all here today because we love you.”
My head swiveled as I took them all in, curious, but unsure of what Gaby was doing.
“Scott.” She took a deep breath in, then let it out slowly before she said, “This is an intervention. We’ve tried talking to you individually, letting you know our concerns, and although it looked like you were on the right path for a while, for some reason, you took a U-turn and headed right back down the wrong road.”
My eyes scrunched up and my head began to pound as I tried to decipher what she was saying. “What the hell are you talking about, Gaby? U-turns and wrong paths … Just say what you mean.”
“Victoria, Scott,” Cal piped in. “She’s talking about your relationship with Victoria.”
I closed my eyes briefly as blood rushed to my head.
“You can’t marry her, Scott,” I heard Gaby say quietly from my right.
I opened my eyes again and looked Cal in the eye.
“We’ve already discussed this,” I said between clenched teeth.
“Yeah.” Cal ran his hands through his hair, indicating his frustration. “We did talk about it, and you said that you were going to break it off with her … Then, out of nowhere, the wedding was back on. What the hell, Scott?”
“You know she’s wrong for you, brother,” TJ said, his hand clasping Sasha’s in his, as if he was her anchor.
“We want you to be happy, Scott, and you know as well as we do, that she will only make you miserable,” Sasha added, twisting the knife that my friends had metaphorically placed in my gut.
“Look,” I began, trying to keep control of my anger. “I know there is no love lost between you guys and Victoria, but you don’t know her the way I do.”
“Are you saying behind closed doors she’s a sweet, caring, and giving woman?” Shelly asked, her eyes sad as she rested her head on Cal’s shoulder. “Because that’s what you deserve.”
I didn’t respond to that. No, they knew as well as I did that Victoria didn’t care for anything as much as she cared for herself, but I was so deep into this relationship, I didn’t know how to get out of it without hurting her, and my mother, in the process.
“I get what you guys are saying,” I admitted. “And, yes, I did try to call off the wedding at one point, but Victoria was devastated, you guys. She cried and begged me to take her back. She promised to be a wonderful wife, and to try harder to get along with you guys.”
“I’m sure she was upset, Scott, and I’m sorry for that,” Gaby said, pulling my attention back to her. “But Victoria isn’t our concern … you are. If you stay with her, you will end up in a cold and loveless marriage, just like your parents had. Is that the way you want to live? Is that how you want to raise children?”
“You told TJ and I, at your house the night we were playing cards, that you were having second thoughts about marrying her. You asked us to ‘tell you the truth before you ruined your fucking life’ … Well, we’re telling you now, Scott,” Cal pleaded. He stood up and walked toward me, laying his hand on my shoulder and looking me dead in the eyes. “We’re begging you … Don’t do it.”
I closed my eyes and stood, unable to look into the faces of the most important people in my life. “I have to go.”
“Scott,” Gaby pleaded, coming toward me.
“Gaby.” I looked down into her worried eyes. “I hear you, okay? I hear you all.” I looked each of them in the eye before turning on my heel. “I have to think,” I said over my shoulder as I hurried back out the way that I’d come. I tried to avoid their gazes, but the look on Gaby’s face was imprinted on my mind, and as I started up my car and pulled away, I couldn’t shake the image.

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Title: 8 Weeks (Time for Love #1)
Author: Bethany Lopez
Age Group: NA/Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance
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Title: 21 Days (Time for Love #2)
Author: Bethany Lopez
Age Group: NA/Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance

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About the Author:
Award-Winning Author Bethany Lopez began self-publishing in June 2011. Since then she has published various YA and NA books. She is a lover of romance, family, and friends, and enjoys incorporating those things in what she writes. When she isn't reading or writing, she loves spending time with her husband and children, traveling whenever possible.

New to Audible, Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter by Nikki Jefford

Join author Nikki Jefford and narrator Em Eldridge for a behind the scenes look at the author/narrator collaboration and audiobook process. Tune in live Thursday, August 21st at 7PM Eastern at Google Hangouts On Air. (7 pm Eastern/6 pm Central,/5 pm Mountain/4 pm Pacific/3 pm Alaska.) RSVP here.

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Em Eldridge is an ACX Audible Approved Producer and has narrated over 25 books. Before narrating professionally, she read Harry Potter out loud to her siblings. She is also an award-winning filmmaker/screenwriter and accomplished classical singer and violinist.

Nikki Jefford is the international bestselling author of the Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter series and Spellbound trilogy. She loves fictional bad boys and heroines who kick butt. When she's not writing, she's hiking, reading, watching paranormal TV shows, playing with her dog or riding her motorcycle.

Em and Nikki will talk for about 30 minutes and then open the event up to Q&A.

Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter is now available in audiobook!

Stealing the Ruby Slippers by Amanda Moon

Thank you, Marilyn, for letting me participate in Indie Book Month! My first novel, Stealing the Ruby Slippers, came out in May and I’ve been having a blast this summer promoting it and working on a sequel. The book was inspired by real events: a real, movie-worn pair of Ruby Slippers were stolen from the Judy Garland Museum in Grand Rapids, MN, the day before Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. I grew up just fifteen miles from the museum, but I was living in Nashville at the time, and found out about the theft while watching hurricane coverage. The shoes have never been found, and I’ve always been fascinated by the case.

I used a lot of facts when writing the book: I recreated the actual theft to the best of my ability, and kept the timeline in relation to the hurricane accurate. The places in Grand Rapids and the NOLA neighborhoods referenced are all also real. The rest of the details, though are fiction. I purposefully took the most common theory of the theft— that a local person stole them as a joke, and then didn’t know what to do when they realized how serious it was— and turned it on its head. I gave the thief a good motive but kept the same lack of preparation it’s generally believed the actual culprit had.

More information and links are below. The sequel is slated to come out at the end of 2014. 

Jared Canning is out of money and out of time. His gambling debts are due, and his creditors are not the kind that grant extensions. An old friend offers him a job: break into a small town museum, steal a pair of Ruby Slippers Judy Garland wore in the Wizard of Oz, and share the profits when they are sold to a buyer in New Orleans.

On August 25, 2005, Jared pulls off the heist perfectly.

The next day, Jared watches Hurricane Katrina slam into New Orleans. His buyer, and his money, are gone.

Jared has a creditor with a thirst for blood on his tail, the police knocking on his door, and the most famous shoes in the country hidden in his dirty laundry. He needs to outsmart a sexy, scheming girlfriend, a drunk buddy who saw too much, and just possibly himself in order to find his way out.

Stealing the Ruby Slippers imagines wild possibilities for a real life mystery, blending fact and fiction to keep you guessing until the last page.


Amanda Michelle Moon is the author of two books, Stealing the Ruby Slippers, based on real-life mystery, and Your Pilates Life, which applies the Pilates Principles to make powerful changes in everyday life. A native of Hill City, Minnesota, she currently resides with her family in Minneapolis where she is earning her Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Hamline University. Her previous publications include articles for Pilates Digest, and 2nd & Church, and personal essays for Radiant Magazine. Read more at

Guest Post by Katie O'Sullivan, YA author of the Mermaids of Cape Cod series

Thanks for inviting me to be your guest today, Marilyn! I’m currently in the middle of your book INTERRED and loving it (I’m a sucker for time travel!) Looking forward to reading FISSURE next!

I write romance and adventure for a YA audience, and my current Mermaids of Cape Cod series is based in my hometown of Harwich, Massachusetts. I take readers on a journey beneath the waves to explore Nantucket Sound from a different perspective.

People often ask, why mermaids? And how do you know so much about them?

Living along the coast, I’m lucky enough to walk the beach every day, in all types of weather. It’s not just a summer thing, it’s home. If you spend enough time along the shore, you start to really wonder if there’s life below the surface. Do mermaids exist? It’s possible.

A mock-documentary made the rounds a few years ago. THE BODY FOUND played on the Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, and other cable networks – and created such a stir that the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) was forced to publish a statement that they’ve found no evidence of mermaid aquatic life. The press release is still on their website.

It doesn’t say there aren’t mermaids. It says they haven’t found any.

Every culture throughout history and across the world has folktales and stories of mermaids, or aquatic creatures that resemble humans with fish tales. They’ve discovered Stone Age cave paintings of mermaids in Europe. Humans have explored so little of our oceans, is it so hard to believe there are creatures we haven’t found? Especially if they don’t want to be found.

If you start with the premise that mermaids exist, you can build an entire undersea world. The way I’ve imagined it, there is structure similar to our human society, with class levels and governing bodies. It’s an older society and still retains monarchies, each of the five oceans with its own ruling family. They would have to be able to interact with those who live on the surface of the earth if necessary, but also be able to avoid being detected by “drylanders” who seek to harm them.

A new language isn’t necessary, but a new way of speaking is. Think of the everyday phrases we use that imply the use of legs – being “stood up” on a date, “running for your life” when you flee danger, “kicking” a bad habit… a race without legs wouldn’t think in these terms. Likewise, there are many concepts and objects we take for granted that make no sense to a mermaid. Our oh-so-human practice of wrapping gifts with tissue and boxes and paper and bows – would all get soggy pretty quickly under water. Riding a bicycle is a difficult skill to master when you aren’t used to having two independent legs.

In my mermaid books, I explore some of these concepts from the point of view of a mermaid trying to make sense of human life and slang, as well as from the point of view of the boy who discovers that his mother was a mermaid and being able to change into a merman is part of his destiny.
And mermaids make for great summer reading!

About Son of a Mermaid:

Shea MacNamara's life just got complicated.
After a freak tornado devastates his Oklahoma farm, the fifteen-year-old orphan moves to Cape Cod to live with a grandmother he's never met. Struggling to make sense of his new surroundings, he meets a girl along the shore who changes his life forever.

Kae belongs to an undersea world hidden from drylanders. The daughter of royal servants, she knows the planned marriage of her Princess to the foreign King should put an end to the war between the clans. Two things stand in the way of lasting peace: an ambitious Regent and rumors of a half-human child who will save the oceans.
Sparks fly when she meets Shea, but could the cute drylander really be the Son of a Mermaid?

About Blood of a Mermaid:
Mermaid blood.
When Shea MacNamara fell into the ocean for the first time, he found he could breathe underwater. The son of a mermaid, the sea is in his blood. Literally. The best part of Shea’s new life? His girlfriend Kae, who also happens to be a beautiful mermaid.
But darkness lurks under the sea. When evil mermen kidnap Kae, the king reminds Shea that having royal blood means making tough choices. 
An Arctic dungeon, a fiery plane crash, the legendary halls of Atlantis…and narwhals?
Having mermaid blood just got a lot more complicated.

Buy Links:
Son of a Mermaid, available now for $2.99 on Amazon!
Blood of a Mermaid, available on AMAZON and Barnes&Noble

About the Author:
Katie OSullivan lives with her family and big dogs next to the ocean on Cape Cod, drinking way too much coffee and inventing new excuses not to dust. A recovering English major, she earned her degree at Colgate University and writes romance and adventure for young adults and the young at heart.

Living next to the Atlantic influences everything she writes. Her YA mermaid series begins in Nantucket Sound with SON OF A MERMAID, and continues the undersea adventures with BLOOD OF A MERMAID, coming from Crescent Moon Press in May 2014. Her latest contemporary romance from The Wild Rose Press is MY KIND OF CRAZY, a Cape Cod story of second chances and starting over.

Excerpt: When Lightning Strikes by Sedona Venez

Excerpt: When Lightning Strikes by Sedona Venez
Release Date: April 15th 2014

In a blink of an eye, before I realized what I was doing, I walked over to him, straddling him and cupping his face.
His sea-green eyes snapped open. “Light? What the hell are you doing?” The deep timber of his voice sent a shiver down my spine. Damn, it was sexy. “I’m spiraling out of control. And when I get like this, I’m dangerous. And nothing can calm my beast except time to cool down.”
I didn’t move. Instead, I ran a finger across the scar on his left eyebrow. Strangely, he leaned his face into my hands tenderly, wrapping his arms around my back. I tried not to blink in shock. Dammit, he was turning out to be exactly the opposite of what I envisioned. Despite his hard, steel demeanor, I felt the passionate streak that ran through his core. He actually cared about his pack and Others. This wasn’t what I envisioned him to be as an Alpha from a ruthless bloodline.
I ran my fingers across his well-groomed, dark beard, enjoying the softness. He growled low and sensually. I felt the slight prick of his claws through my shirt, which normally would have sent me sprinting away, but there wasn’t anything normal about this strange connection between us. Slowly, I felt his claws retract and his blunt fingers caress my back.
His full focus was on me, the attention giving me little shivers of awareness as we stared at each other, speechless, faces mere inches apart. Ryker leaned into my body, pressing his lips against mine before he sucked my tongue into his mouth. My tongue slid around the tip of his, then rubbed under it. My body pulsed with need, and every cell was focused on him. His hands slid up to my neck, grabbing the back of my head possessively before kissing my throat gently. The contradiction between the hardness of his grip on my hair and the gentleness of his kiss sent a shiver down my spine, my mind imagining all of the other delicious things his mouth could do.
What would those big hands feel like on my body? My skin quivered at the thought.

Title: When Lightning Strikes
Author: Sedona Venez
Release Date: April 15, 2014
Series: Credence Curse Series
Genre: Paranormal Romance - due to graphic language and sexual content this book is recommended for readers 18+.
The steamy sequel to BREAKING THE STORM by Sedona Venez.

He’s flawed like a MF, but I want him.

Ryker Alfero
Wolf-Shifter. Tattooed. Dangerous. Off-limits. Everything I crave — and everything I shouldn’t want.

“I would love to see what else your dirty little mouth can do.” With those little words, my body shivered as a surge of energy zipped into my body, unlocking something I didn’t understand. My brain started functioning with a clarity I hadn’t experienced in years. No warring emotions, just calmness.

This shouldn’t be happening, especially not with him. God. This was going to be a rough damn ride.

“I’ll do my best to break you in slowly, submissive,” he hissed, his voice dripping with raw sex.

Is total submission inevitable?

“When I get you under me, it’s going to be slow, hard, and memorable.” ~ Ryker

I have other plans.

“Go find yourself a woman stupid enough to settle for less than you're willing to give. Whose heart you can break without giving a sh*t. This woman is off limits.” ~ Lightning

***WARNING: When Lightning Strikes is an Paranormal Romance intended for mature audiences. Recommended Reading Age 18+***


Sedona Venez is the author of the New Adult Credence Curse series, and the New Adult Valkyries: Soaring Raven series. She is a NYC girl (go Brooklyn!) with a slight obsession with her iPad, Pinterest, and television shows Pawn Stars and Face Off. Her love of music, tattoos, rockers, alpha men and wolf-shifters inspires her edgy paranormal romance novels. She also writes Middle Grade/Young Adult under her real name, T.L. Clarke. You can find out more about Sedona and her novels by visiting

“Like” her on Facebook:
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Sedona’s website:

Guest Post by Annabel Cadiz: The Darkness Calls To Me

The Darkness Calls To Me

Author Annabell Cadiz opens up about why she loves writing dark fiction.

Footsteps echo down the hallway.

A creak squeals from the loose floorboard in the kitchen.

The peaceful silence has shifted into something tense and choking, like a taunt wire ready to snap.

Your heart pounds against your ribcage, rattling so loudly you’re sure you’ll go deaf from it.

Sliding your legs over the edge of the bed, you step onto the floor, balancing your weight on your tiptoes and proceed to the door. Twisting the knob slowly, you ease the bedroom door open and poke your head out.

The darkness pushes against you. It seems to slither like tendrils through the open cracks and a shiver skitters up your spine.

You take a tentative step into the hallway and . . .

It’s what comes after the “and” that sucks you in and drives you forward; your fingers flipping through pages so rapidly you end up with a papercut.

Sylvia Plath once wrote, “I am terrified by this dark thing that sleeps in me,” and it’s one of my favorite quotes because I think that’s how everyone feels. There is both light and dark in who we are and there’s a certain fear that comes with knowing we are capable of doing very dark things to each other. But there’s also this kind of thrill to it, if we were to admit the truth to ourselves.

It’s why I love reading and writing dark fiction.

It’s also why I really love reading and writing the villain’s side, discovering the backstory to a villain’s identity. Because evil isn’t born, it’s made, and the complexities of how a character (or person) chooses his or her path, the reasons behind those horrifying, terrible, nightmarish actions are equally terrifying and fascinating.

Edgar Allan Poe was my first venture into the world of dark and eerie fiction. Stephen King followed soon after and Oscar Wilde’s Dorian Gray. I devoured the words like food and dreamt of the tales they weaved; my thoughts awakened by the touch of fear and darkness their stories created. I wanted to know what haunted the characters, both inwardly and outwardly. I wanted to know if the heroes were really the heroes or if they had darkness in them too. I wanted to know if a villain could be redeemed. I wanted to know if there was anything in me that could make me a villain like the characters I read.

Dark fiction is incredibly entertaining. It’s full of insanity and suspense. It takes you on a whirlwind of a ride, filled with deliciously dark secrets and heart-stopping twists that will give you nightmares for weeks. Those are my favorite kind of books (Stephen King has done this to me on many occasions).

But Dark Fiction is also thought provoking. Like reality, the darkness within characters and within plots you read or watch, aren’t black and white. There are reasons behind the darkness, even if some of the time those reasons can sound like madness, they speak a certain truth about who we are or where we’ve come from or what we’ve gone through or what we are currently going through. It’s why the Dark Fiction genre is still so popular. We connect with it, on a deeper level. We find a sort of twisted freedom in knowing that darkness exists because we don’t have to feel so alone with our own dark thoughts, but we also find relief in knowing that we aren’t THAT dark after all. There’s a more calming freedom in knowing that light can spark even in the dark.

I write Dark Fiction because I don’t mind asking the scary questions of why or how evil exists in us and the world. The human heart and mind and spirit are as complex as the answers we give to the actions behind the things we do. The journey of finding those answers, of seeing how they shape a character and therefore a story, is scary as hell but definitely worth the ride. You can discover a lot about yourself and although that’s even scarier, it’s also how the demons, however those demons take form, get conquered.

Because the dark isn’t always what it seems, even inside of ourselves.

And it’s the challenge of stepping into those fears, standing up against those demons, roaring against the dark, that makes Dark Fiction such a great genre to explore and fall in love with.

Witch Hunter Olivia by T.A. Kunz

Here's what New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors are saying about Witch Hunter Olivia by T.A. Kunz:


"Witch hunters and sexy tattoo artists? This New Adult Paranormal is EVERYTHING fans of romance and action are looking for."
- #1 New York Times bestselling author Jennifer L. Armentrout

"A fun, action-packed, enjoyable read!"
- New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Cora Carmack

"The perfect blend of New Adult and Paranormal. It's absolutely fantastic!" - New York Times bestselling author Nichole Chase

~ ~ ~

Reviewers are calling Witch Hunter Olivia "amazing, fun, well-written, and entertaining." You don't want to miss the hottest New Adult paranormal romance of the summer!



In the town of Piedmont Pointe, where paranormal is the norm, a girl can easily get herself in over her head with a single wrong move. Unfortunately for Olivia Adams, she's about to make several.

Starting over is never easy, but it seemed like the only option to Olivia. The decision to turn her back on the Guild of Witch Hunters, the very group she devoted her entire life to, was one of the hardest things she ever did. It meant leaving her family, her friends, and her old identity behind forever. Coming to terms with what caused her to abandon her duties in the first place was even harder.

While trying to lay low and stay off the Guild's radar, Olivia finds herself thrust back into her old ways after unknowingly interrupting an assassination hit on a powerful witch. What follows is the last thing she ever thought she'd agree to do--protect the very thing she was groomed to hunt.

To complicate things even further, Olivia begins to develop feelings for a tattoo artist who also happens to be half warlock, and no matter how hard she tries to fight it, she can't resist her inescapable draw to him. Olivia's forbidden relationship isn't her only issue though, because once the mystery behind the assassination attempt starts to unravel, she's forced to choose sides when the loyalties still tied to her past life are tested again.

So much for the idea of a fresh start.


Amazon ~ Amazon UK ~ Amazon AUS ~ B&N ~ iBooks ~ Kobo



Author T.A. Kunz has always had a fondness for reading thrilling mysteries and action-packed urban fantasies. So, it was no surprise when T.A. decided to write stories that they’d fall into one of those two genres. T.A. lives in Central Florida with two fur babies and a mechanical engineer who also happens to be quite the culinary badass, which there are no complaints about. Being a self-diagnosed caffeine addict, many joke that T.A.’s addiction to Starbucks coffee will likely be their downfall later in life.


Website ~ Twitter