Fissure Cover Reveal and Giveaway!

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I can't tell you how excited I am about today! It's been a long time coming, and finally here it is. I would like to thank IAMBE BOOKS, my awesome editor and mentor, Raine Thomas,
 my photographer/cousin/sister Sonia Nievez, my niece Adriana Marie (the model), the amazing Devan Edwards (cover designer), my amazing betas, Lindsay Morris, Lisa Wood, Karla Nellenbach, Roy Bronson, Savanah Lappin, Jessica Wenz. Especial thanks to my adorable kids, Gustavo and Jack-Henry Jeulin, and my lovely Frenchman Antoine Jeulin, to whom this book is dedicated. 

OUT MAY 20TH, 2014

Baxter Jacobs just survived the worst Sweet Sixteen in history: buried in a coffin, hunted down by assassins, and losing almost everything that mattered to her. She’s ready for some normalcy, but “normal” won’t play any part of this Time Bender’s future.

Now that the immediate threat is over, Baxter learns just how much the English Council expects of the newest Interred. The pressure has her seriously considering her uncle’s offer to take her to New York, especially since she thinks it will keep her Healer, Jack, from overusing his abilities. Knowing the New York Council’s ranks are filled with beings using dark powers, however, makes her hesitate.

Before she can choose, the decision is wrenched from her. Fissures in Time result in a new battle with an old enemy. Someone she thought she’d lost reenters her life, and she’ll discover a web of lies woven into the fabric of Time…lies only she can unravel. Baxter will have to use her growing abilities to try and reveal the truth, even if it forever changes the reality she knows.

There are lies in the fabric of Time only she can unravel...

Book Trailer by Gus Jeulin:

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Resistance Blog Tour with Jena Leigh

Mischievous Antics Are Afoot!
By Author Jena Leigh
Topic: If you got the chance to be locked up in your favorite store for one night with one of the characters from the Variant Series, which store would you want to get stuck in, which character would you choose and why and what would you guys do for the night?

When I first read this prompt about being locked in my favorite store for one night with a character from the Variant Series, I spent over an hour trying to decide on the best candidate. You know what I realized? Many of my characters could very easily use their Variant abilities to break us out of said store in thirty seconds or less.
But if we assume that we wouldn’t want to break out of this imaginary store… Well, that changes things.

And in truth, I can think of a dozen different stores that I’d love to be trapped in with each of my characters, all for different reasons.

Say, for instance, I was to get trapped in a giant department store with Cassie Harper, our heroine’s best friend and fashionista extraordinaire. Odds are good that I’d ask Cassie to help me out with a much-needed makeover and an overhaul of my current wardrobe. She’d be happy to take on the assignment, since I’d be a much more willing participant than Alex, who has a habit of resisting Cassie’s efforts.
Or maybe I’ve just been locked into a giant electronics store (a Best Buy, for instance) with Declan O’Connell. I know from the concert posters in his bedroom at the cabin that he’s got an excellent ear for music. We’d probably spend the evening sharing music rec’s and arguing over Bob Dylan’s choice to go electric, blasting music from the state of the art surround sound displays while we duked it out playing the latest version of Halo on Xbox.

And then there’s Alex Parker herself… If I ever had the chance to be locked in with her for an evening, I know exactly the store I’d choose—and that’s the biggest bookstore we can find. We both share an undying love for books and I know we’d be able to spend ages discussing our favorites and recommending new series for the other to try.

In the end, though, I’d be much more interested in seeing what would happen if certain characters from the series were to be locked in somewhere with each other. Someone needs to write that fanfic! I’d write it myself, but I’m a bit busy these days working on the third book in the series. I’m sure a story like that one would make for interesting reading!

Resistance (The Variant Series, #2)

Genre: YA Fantasy

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Synopsis: Alexandra Parker might be the most powerful Variant the world has ever seen—but even that won’t get her out of finishing her junior year of high school. 

The challenge of keeping her abilities under wraps during class is daunting enough, but throw one surly, sandy-haired Jumper into the mix, and things can get downright complicated. 

Declan’s new job? Watch over Alex while she’s at school and do everything in his power to keep her from losing control. But as sparks of every kind begin flying between Alex and her new bodyguard, she's left feeling more unstable than ever. 

When avoiding her abilities results in a surprise visit from her parents’ killer, Alex’s worlds collide with a bang that nearly levels Bay View High. 

With her freedom now squarely in the Agency’s crosshairs, Alex will be faced with the fight of her life… and a decision that could forever alter the course of her destiny.


Check out on Goodreads!

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Synopsis: Possessing the uncanny ability to fry a television set from twenty paces can really wreck a girl’s social life.

If you’re looking for proof, just ask sixteen-year-old Alexandra Parker. After catching her boyfriend in the arms of the prettiest girl in school, she made the journey from social elite to social pariah in a haze of electricity and exploding electronics. But finding herself at the bottom of Bay View High’s social hierarchy was nothing compared to the shock of discovering who—and what—she really is.

After being zapped out of a burning bookstore by the mysterious Declan—a hero nearly as handsome as he is infuriating—Alex finds herself under the protection of the powerful Grayson family. It’s through them that she learns the truth: that the world she’s always known is nothing like it appears to be... and that she has far more in common with them than she might want to believe.

Now, on the run from a fire-wielding hit man and a secretive government organization, Alex must navigate a strange and treacherous new world filled with superhuman mutants known as Variants. As she begins to unravel the many secrets of her family’s past, she uncovers the real reason for her parents’ death twelve years earlier—and finds out that the threat to her family, and to everyone she cares about, is still dangerously real.


Born and raised in Tampa, Florida, Jena Leigh spent ten years in the mountains of North Carolina before returning home to the lightning capital of North America. A shameless geek, she loves bad sci-fi movies, Skittles, writing cracktastic e-mails to friends and taking shenanigan-filled road trips to faraway concerts. She has a degree in English from Appalachian State University. REVIVAL is her first novel.


**Must be 13 or older to enter**
**1 winner will win a SIGNED paperback copy of REVIVAL and RESISTANCE**
**3 winners will win an ecopy of REVIVAL and RESISTANCE**
**Ends 4/21/2014 at MIDNIGHT**

INTERRED Giveaway!

Hi everyone!

I've organized a giveaway through Goodreads. There are four signed paperbacks to be won! If you would like to participate, please click here! This contest is opened to US, UK, Canada, Australia and Puerto Rico residents.

This contest ends on April 30th.

And don't forget that Fissure's cover reveal is on April 17th!
I'll be giving away 4 copies of Fissure through Goodreads as well. That contest will start on May 1st and end May 31st. So stay tuned!

It's ROTA's Launch Day!

Today celebrates the release of Return of the Ascendant (The Ascendant Series #1) by Raine Thomas. Some of you may have had the chance to read this book in the Curses, Fates & Soul Mates box set, or the prequel short story in the Take Me to Your Reader anthology. If so, you'll be excited to know that Raine has written two entirely new chapters that will only appear in this version of ROTA. You won't want to miss them!
To celebrate ROTA's launch, Raine is offering the novel for only 99 cents until April 15th. She's also hosting a fun giveaway, so be sure to enter below! First, let's learn a little more about the book, including how you can grab your copy before the sale ends:

About the Book:

Return of the Ascendant is a thrilling New Adult Sci-Fi Romance

Expecting to enjoy another typical college night at a frat party with friends, Kyra Vaughn’s plans derail when she’s almost killed…twice. Her savior, a tall, sexy stranger who calls himself TaeDane, claims that he’s the personal bodyguard for the Ascendant of Alametria. She’s convinced he’s crazy.

Especially when he insists that she’s the Ascendant.
With dark enemies hunting her down, Kyra has no choice but to trust her supposed bodyguard. Ty vows to help her remember her past and return her safely to Alametria, but someone seems intent on interfering, challenging his abilities at every turn.
As Kyra’s memories emerge, she remembers that Ty is more to her than he’s let on…much more than he’s allowed to be. She’ll also discover that there are many things about her planet and herself that she’d rather forget. In the end, she’ll have to make a choice: cling to the life she knows, or risk it all to become the person she’s destined to be.

Check out the "Teaser" Trailer by Flat-Line Films:

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Another teaser image from FISSURE

Hi everyone!

Where has time gone? 10 more days until Fissure's cover reveal!!

Until then, here's an image from the photoshoot.

Photography by Sonia Nievez
Model Adriana Marie
Setting Parque Forestal in Guyanabo, Puerto Rico, pretending to be Central Park in New York. :)
Graphic by Moi :)

And don't forget, there is still time to join Fissure's launch tour here;

It's super duper official :)

Yup, people get ready! Climb on board, and hold on tight!

Teaser image by moi, not the actual cover :) Photography by Kelsey Keeton of Kelsey Keeton Designs

ATomR Tours have released the sign up form for FISSURE's Cover Reveal, Blitz days and Book Launch tour!

If you're interested please click here!

For those of you who would like to review Fissure, but would also like to review Interred, a copy of Interred will be provided for the tour.

If you would like to review Fissure at a later date, don't hesitate to contact me at marilynjeulin at gmail dot com

Thank you guys! You are awesome!!

8 weeks promo post!

“Jesus,” Cal exclaimed, running his hands through his hair in frustration. “I want you to do what you want to do … I always have. If you want to tattoo your entire body, shave your head, and dye yourself blue … go for it. I’m not your ruler, Shelly, and I can’t believe that you’ve ever thought that I would dictate what you could or couldn’t do.”
          “It’s not like that …” I said, trying to explain, but the hurt radiating off of Cal was palpable, and it suddenly didn’t seem like anything I’d say would help.
          “It sure as hell seems like that, doesn’t it. Is that what you think of me, of the last six years of our relationship?” Cal took a step closer to me, his voice low so as not to broadcast our fight to the entire restaurant. “No wonder you’re so quick to give up … I thought we were in a partnership, Shel. I’ve never expected you to ask my permission to do anything. I love you, for who you are, and I want you to do what makes you happy.”
          My heart pounded loudly in my chest, and I felt a mixture of regret and fear running through me.
          “Cal, you’re taking this the wrong way. Yes, I’ve always wanted to do the things I’m doing now, and I didn’t because I didn’t think you’d like it.” His eyes narrowed at that, and I rushed on, hoping to make him understand. “Not because you wanted to dictate what I did or didn’t do, but because you liked me so much the way I was that I didn’t want to change anything. I wanted you to find me attractive …”
          Cal’s face smoothed out at my words, and when I was finished, he stepped even closer. Close enough 

that I could smell the mixture of sweat and grease on his body, and see his chocolate eyes darken as he said,

 “Never doubt how attractive I find you, Shelly. You were hot as hell before, and you’re hot as hell now. 

There isn’t anything that you could do to your appearance to make me not want you. I want you every minute 

of every day, Shelly. I promise you that.”