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Whovian Wednesday: Listen *Spoilers*




Let's just start with my favorite quote from the episode.

"Let me tell you something about scared. Your heart is beating so hard I can feel it through your hands. There’s so much blood and oxygen pumping through your brain it’s like rocket fuel. Right now you can run faster and fight harder and jump higher than ever in your life, and you’re so alert it’s like you can slow down time. What’s wrong with scared - scared is a super power. Scared is your super power. There is danger in this room and guess what? It’s you."


After being rather meh, about last week's episode, I knew this week's episode would be both thrilling, and scary. Mainly scary. I'm one of many (as it appears to be) people who are scared of putting their feet down on the floor at night.

When I found out about this episode all I could think was, I hate you, Moffat. I bloody hate you, Moffat. Followed by a very: Oh my G-d, I hope this is brill!

The Doctor

I must say that I've been worshiping at the Church of Capaldi for a long time. So the moment he was announced as the Doctor I knew this season would be awesome, and darker. There's just something about him, right? 

"Fear doesn't have to make you cruel and cowardly. Fear can make you kind"

That said, to know that the Doctor in a way, is searching for an explanation like many of us, made me like 12 even more. It was nice to see him act a little detached, and I loved that Clara set him straight. However, I knew there was something that he was keeping, and that he wouldn't be a grumpy man for much longer after she basically told him to shut up. And well, we didn't have to wait long, did we? That whole speech about Fear, I could have kissed him, because rather than being mystified or  in a mocking mood, he's the Doctor that we all know, that compassionate man, that sometimes is crazy, others mad, most of the time way too clever for his own good, but that man that will do anything in his hands to help those who are vulnerable. Even though now he doesn't like hugs .  

Danny Pink

He's such a great addition to Doctor Who. :) And I'm not saying that only because he's quite dishy. I think his character is endearing and there are a lot of layers to it which hopefully we'll get to discover. Samuel Anderson's performance is amazing. And I think he's managed to get the audience to like him in the space of three episodes, because his character is not only awkward at times, but down to earth. 

Orson Pink,

I think the inclusion of Orson Pink on last night's episode was nice, even though I didn't find it particularly necessary for the plot to move forward. It was just nice to see that after a disastrous first date, things could improve. I just hope that Clara doesn't alter her future somehow. 


 A lot has been said about Clara since she started as a companion. During Matt Smith's tenure as the 11th Doctor, I found Clara's character bland. There were some flashes of brilliance that soon dissipated and I felt as if the writers were just tired of writing strong female companions. There wasn't any effort put forward into developing her as a unique character. 

Rose, Donna, River, and Amy had strong personalities that shone through at the most difficult of times. Poor Martha was given the shortest end of the stick, and at least in my case, I didn't warm up to her until after she was gone and came back to the Whoverse, whilst Donna was a companion. It was then that we could see how much potential there was in Martha, and how the writers missed the boat completely by developing the stupid unrequited love plot that they wrote out for her character. (Yes, I'm still bitter)

Clara was given the enviable task of saving the Doctor and actually meeting all of his incarnations, including the War Doctor. And this was awesome, but soon, she returned to a pattern that made her feel like no one knew what to do with her, filler.

Since Capaldi's taken over, we've seen Clara grow, and I guess because the Doctor still doesn't know himself; doesn't know what he's capable of, or to the lengths that he'll go,  Clara is stepping up. She's not only a companion, and thus the audience's link to this universe, but she's also becoming the Doctor's equal.
"I don't take orders, Clara"

She's not afraid to tell him to shut up, and do as he's told. Most of all, compassion and vulnerability to match the Doctor's has been written all over the character, which makes her endearing to the audience.

Some people complain that she's been written deep into the mythology of the show; she has a bigger arc than other companions, and why is that wrong? We're finally getting to understand Clara, to know about her, the things she cares for, the things that make her tick. She's defining herself as a companion who although she doesn't know 12, and she doesn't fully understand him, she's fiercely protective of him, just like we are. More and more, Clara's character is entrenching herself in the whoverse as not only a strong companion, but one that could possibly be able to understand the Doctor more than any other companion, because she's seen all of his incarnations and loves him, even if she still doesn't know who this man is, to the extent that she probably thinks she should.

"A soldier so brave, he doesn't need a gun"


I think the scene in the barn was one of the biggest surprises in the episode. There was a loud collective gasp in my house when we finally realized who was hiding there.

A lot has been debated already online about the inclusion of this scene where Clara lands on "apparently" Gallifrey when the Doctor was a child. Everything from the Doctor was living on one of the Moons, to maybe since it's the Doctor's timeline, it can be accessed.

I don't' really care. Of course I side with those who think as this is the Doctor's personal time line, there could be some time bending done. (hehe, I promise I'm not plugging my book) After all he is a Time Lord, and since Clara is connected to the TARDIS and him, well, maybe that's how they landed there.

I loved this scene so much. I can't even begin to explain to you how much I love this scene. Seeing the Doctor as a child, of course it raised more questions than we could ever answer, it shows us how very much like us he is. Fear is something universal and it's what we do with that fear, that will set us apart.

"Nothing. There’s nothing to hear. There’s nothing anywhere. Not a breath, not a slither, not a click or a tick. All the clock’s stopped. This is the silence at the end of time."

Listen is probably Moffat's best episode and I'm so grateful this came after that disastrous Robot of Sherwood episode. :) This is easily my favorite episode of New Who, followed by Blink and The empty child. 10/10

Can't wait till next week's episode? Have a look at the trailer :)

Teaser Tuesday: New Adult WIP: Hold it against me

Monday Madness: Author Appreciation Day! Raine Thomas

Every Monday I shall be featuring an author and their books. So today, first post in this new series, I'll be featuring Ms. Raine Thomas. If you follow my blog, you'll know that I have mad love for this author. 

Ms Thomas is a Young Adult and New Adult writer. Her series are amazing, and I'm currently hooked on Ty and Kyr, the main characters of the Ascendant series. So down below it's a list of her books and links to them on Amazon. Aren't those covers amazing?

Are you a fan of Raine Thomas, tune in on September 19th and let her know how much you love her books!

The First Born Trilogy  Defy Shift Elder
The Ascendant series book 1 and book 2

You can stalk Raine here


This is 40: The Green Juice

Since last year, knowing that I would be turning 40 this year, I decided that I needed to really get up and do something. During my time in France, I'd learned to eat much better than I had when I was in England. My weight wasn't down to what it was when I got married, but during my second pregnancy I managed to keep my weight down and only gained 20 lbs. Mostly baby and placenta. 

My will was tested upon moving back to the States. Suddenly, everything that I'd not been able to eat during 13 years, was accessible. Candy, Soda, Fast food. It was terrible, and pretty soon I put on a lot of weight in a very short time.

Last year, knowing that people say it's hard to start losing weight when you're 40, I started exercising.  I did Insanity, I did Turbo Fire. I bought Hip hop abs, you get the idea? I joined Beach Body and voila. Nothing happened. I would lose a few pounds here and there, then gain them back. My nutrition was still bad. 

A whole year went by and my blood pressure was all over the place, and I was borderline diabetic, or rather pre-diabetic. I started exercising twice a day and eating better. Still I was stuck. I joined a gym a few months back, and then bam. 

Back in August, I heard one of my fellow writers, the awesome Jacqueline Garlick, (author of Lumiere, check out the interview here.), talk about juicing. She talked about her allergies, and how her body had changed since she'd started on the green juice diet. I was very intrigued, since after the birth of my second son in 2010, I developed new allergies to food. 

I'd read a lot about juicing, and quite frankly I thought it was just another California manufactured thing, mainly because the only people I'd seen drinking green juice were celebrities. 

I was wrong.

Yup, you heard right, and to quote the Doctor, "I hate it when I'm wrong in public, so please forget about that.

I didn't go on a juice fast. I wanted to increase the amount of fruit and veggies I ate. Because even though I make sure that my kids eat their portions, I don't. Always rushing around and mainly eating after everyone has finished. So, I started drinking one glass of the green stuff. Then I skipped it for a day, and my energy levels went down, and I craved it. 

It's been two weeks now, and I can tell you, I feel great. It's helped with my weight loss, mainly because I have more energy, so when I go to the gym, I push harder.  Once a week, I do a whole cleansing. The juice fast, but only for a day. I drink my juice, water, and then I munch on carrots, apples, grapes, etc. 

The benefits from drinking just one glass, or even two, are amazing. So if you're actually sitting on the fence, let me tell you, it's a great thing to incorporate in your diet if you're not keeping to your daily portions of fruits and veggies. 

Whovian Wednesday!

Oh it's been a while!!!

Since the moment Matt Smith announced he was leaving, I couldn't wait to know who would replace him. Or rather, step into the Doctor's shoes. Matt Smith like all the other 10 +1 Doctors before him, are irreplaceable in our hearts. (Yes, even Colin Baker) 

And when this happened... 
I can tell you excitement turned into obsession. As more and more information was leaked, I couldn't wait for Capaldi's first official scene in the Doctor Whoverse. And then, Moffat delivered us an amazing first scene. 

And I was hooked. No period of adjustment needed. Yes, Matt Smith was a great Doctor, and so were Tennant, and Eccleston, and every single Doctor before, oh, and John Hurt. :) However, there is something extremely powerful about Capaldi. 

The first two episodes were thrilling. The Doctor not knowing what sort of man he is. The introduction of the mysterious (and slightly stalkerish) Missy, and the idea of Paradise and Heaven, have kept us begging for more, right? And I was glad that Clara was finally in a position where we could finally see what she can do, as opposed to be a non-descript character. There is so much you can do when you're described just as a next door girl who is feisty. I'm glad that Moffat finally perked her up, and threw her in the middle of chaos. AND the Daleks were back!! And how exciting, the Doctor had to confront something that maybe weighs heavily in his mind. 

Last Saturday's episode,  Robot of Sherwood, was lighter in theme than its predecessors, and I found that it didn't capture my attention as much as I'd hoped. I love Robin Hood, but for some reason, the constant bickering between the Doctor and Robin made me switch off. 

I am looking forward to next week's Saturday's episode. And I hope you guys are too. Whovian Wednesday is back with a vengeance. :) Please, Please, Please, if you're a Whovian, leave a comment. ;)