New Release: Lovefools by Avery Hale, New Adult

Author: Avery Hale
Title: Lovefools, (Fools in Love Series, Book 1)
Genre:  A New Adult Contemporary Romance

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We are all fools in love. Twenty-two year old Phinegan Swift is no exception to that rule.  In fact, she’s been accused of being a certifiable lovefool.  But she’s proud to wear her heart on her sleeve and risk it all for love.

That is, until her high-powered lawyer boyfriend betrays her, breaks her heart, and causes her to question everything she ever believed in.  Devastated by his betrayal, Phin escapes to Costa Rica for a week with her best gal pal, hoping to give her heart a chance to heal.

Dez—a foul-mouthed, man-eating sex-pot—makes it her mission to distract Phin from her breakup woes with a healthy dose of sun, fun,…and Costa Rican man-candy.

But the only man who catches Phin’s eye is a handsome and mysterious stranger she meets at the airport.
Byron is a guy whose angle Phin just can't figure out.  All she knows is that he’s a thief... First, he tries to steal her luggage. Then, he tries to steals her massage.  Finally, he tries to steal her heart.

But Byron has his own secrets—the real reason he’s in Costa Rica being one of them.  When Phin uncovers his duplicity, she is faced with yet another heartbreak.
Things take a dramatic turn when a ghost from Phin’s past resurfaces to win her back...or so he claims.
Will Phin learn to believe in love again…or will love play her like a fool?

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As an Independent Author I've learned that no one markets a book as best as the Author does. Yes, we're reluctant marketing people. Sometimes we forget how to describe our book, and sometimes, we forget how to talk. Still, thanks to the internet and all Social Media sites, it's getting easier for Indie to market their books when on a budget.

I'd seen Thunderclap requests posted on my Facebook and different groups that I belong to. As I had no idea what it was, I clicked on one of the links and then found this amazing tool to help authors with the book promotion.

Thunderclap is basically a campaign where you reach a maximum of 100, 250 or 500 (not sure if that's the last number or not) and each supporter who joins, contributes their friends list on Facebook, or twitter followers or their Tumblr people to your campaign. That means that your book will be seen by thousands of people if you reach the number of supporters.

This is awesome in one way, and terrible in another.

Awesome, if you garner the interest of 100 people that can become thousands upon thousands of people.

Terrible, if you only garner half the interest, your post will not be seen by anyone.

Right now, I've created a Thunderclap for Interred. So far, I've managed to interest 56 of my friends. I still need of course, 44 more people to sign. So far, if the tweet was going to be posted tomorrow, it would reach 119.000 people in theory. And hopefully, I'll generate interest in Interred for people to go buy it.

So here's the deal. :)  I've decided to give away a $25 Amazon Gift Card, in exchange for help. Join my thunderclap here: and link back to the giveaway for a chance to win $25 Amazon Gift Card. :)

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Teaser Tuesday: Spheres, New Version, New Adult :)

New Release: Rout of the Dem-Shyr by Raine Thomas


Title: Rout of the Dem-Shyr
Series: Ascendant Series #2
Author: Raine Thomas
Genre: New Adult Sci-Fi Romance
Audience: Ages 17+

Cover Design by MaeiDesign

Book Blurb:

Touted as the future ruler and savior of worlds, Ascendant KyrVawn is ready to put her growing power to good use. She intends to begin with her home planet of Alametria, where hints of corruption have infiltrated the highest levels of the palace. It’s a monumental task, but one she won’t undertake alone.
By her side is her personal bodyguard and secret lover, Dem-Shyr TaeDane. Together, they’re determined to uncover the truth behind the changes that occurred while they were off-planet…changes that violate long-standing Alametrian laws.
But it’s hard for them to champion the rules when they don’t live by them. Their love is forbidden by official decree, and with every illicit touch, they edge closer and closer to discovery and disaster. Despite their good intentions, they’ll find out that sometimes love doesn’t conquer all.
In fact, it might just be the very thing that destroys them.

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About the Author:

Raine Thomas is the award-winning author of bestselling Young Adult and New Adult fiction. Known for character-driven stories that inspire the imagination, Raine recently signed with multiple award-winning producer Chase Chenowith of Back Fence Productions to bring her popular Daughters of Saraqael trilogy to the big screen. She's a proud indie author who is living the dream. When she isn't writing or glued to e-mail or social networking sites, Raine can usually be found vacationing with her husband and daughter on one of Florida's beautiful beaches or crossing the border to visit with her Canadian friends and relatives.

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Rout of the Dem-Shyr Excerpt #2
He allowed his darker thoughts to drift away as he watched the Wrym rub Ky’s soft skin with towels and then scented lotion. His hands clenched, longing to be the ones touching her. He moistened his lips as his mind wandered, crafting a fantasy where he kissed her skin before applying the lotion, trailing along her body—
Blinking, he snapped back into focus. Kyr was giving him an incredulous look as the Wrym draped her in a robe. He tilted his head in confusion.
You’re getting me all worked up while I’m being manhandled over here, she thought. It’s a little weird.
Heat warmed the back of his neck. I’m sorry. I didn’t realize…
It felt like you were touching me. She held his gaze as she was led out of the bathing chamber over to her receiving area. A tray of food awaited her. That’s never happened before. It’s been so long since we…well, that felt really nice.
He watched her cheeks grow pink as she sat on one of the lounging couches. Her thought hung between them as she pretended to consider the food selections in front of her. Reaching for the cup of tea she had been served, he tasted it and gave the room a quick scan. Two Mynders that Gren had assigned stood inside the room guarding the main entrance. They were only about twenty feet away, but they were trained not to stare at the Ascendant, so their focus was elsewhere. The four Wrym had gone back to their chores, putting the bathing chamber back to rights and preparing the outfit Kyr would wear after her midday meal.
Would you like me to continue? he asked as he returned the teacup to its saucer.

She took her lower lip into her mouth. Yes.


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New Release: Witch Hunter Olivia by TA Kunz

*A New Adult Paranormal with NO CLIFFHANGER*

In the town of Piedmont Pointe, where paranormal is the norm, a girl can easily get herself in over her head with a single wrong move. Unfortunately for Olivia Adams, she’s about to make several.

Starting over is never easy, but it seemed like the only option to Olivia. The decision to turn her back on the Guild of Witch Hunters, the very group she devoted her entire life to, was one of the hardest things she ever did. It meant leaving her family, her friends, and her old identity behind forever. Coming to terms with what caused her to abandon her duties in the first place was even harder.

While trying to lay low and stay off the Guild’s radar, Olivia finds herself thrust back into her old ways after unknowingly interrupting an assassination hit on a powerful witch. What follows is the last thing she ever thought she’d agree to do—protect the very thing she was groomed to hunt.

To complicate things even further, Olivia begins to develop feelings for a tattoo artist who also happens to be half warlock, and no matter how hard she tries to fight it, she can’t resist her inescapable draw to him. Olivia’s forbidden relationship isn’t her only issue though, because once the mystery behind the assassination attempt starts to unravel, she’s forced to choose sides when the loyalties still tied to her past life are tested again.

So much for the idea of a fresh start.


Author Bio:

Author T.A. Kunz has always had a fondness for reading thrilling mysteries and action-packed urban fantasies. So, it was no surprise when T.A. decided to write stories that they’d fall into one of those two genres. T.A. lives in Central Florida with two fur babies and a mechanical engineer who also happens to be quite the culinary badass, which there are no complaints about. Being a self-diagnosed caffeine addict, many joke that T.A.’s addiction to Starbucks coffee will likely be their downfall later in life.

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Twitter - @AuthorTAKunz

Fated, Five Paranormal New Adult Novels, Cover Reveal

Sometimes love has other plans.

The Fated 5 have come together to bring you a collection of five steamy new adult urban fantasies about sacrifice, second chances, destiny and love against all odds.
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Guest Post: The Art of Writing A Sequel by Author Annabel Cadiz

The Art of Writing A Sequel
Author Annabell Cadiz breaks down what she learned from writing MICHAEL, book two in the SONS OF OLD TRILOGY

So you’ve written your first book to your trilogy or series and now you have to write the second one. You’ve taken a few weeks. Gotten yourself all celebrated out from releasing the first book. Prepared the index cards full of notes you want to make sure to remember and neatly stacked them on your desk. Your notebook is opened to the general or detailed outline of your plot. Multi-colored pens await any adjustments you want to make in your notes. Laptop is open and the cursor in Word blinks at you. Taking a deep breath, you smile, and move your fingers so they hover over the keyboard.

And nothing happens.

Your fingers twitch. The smile on your face turns into a grimace. A headache is already building at the back of your head. You stand up and do a couple of stretches, clap your hands, and shout, “I got this!” in the hopes the Muses will respond to your enthusiasm. An idea suddenly pops into your head and you squeal with excitement, sitting back down and letting your fingers fly over the letters of the keyboard before you forget the idea.

You’ve got a really good rhythm going . . . until you realize that what you wrote on page 5 can’t be used because it belongs in the third book instead of the second. Then you look over your notes and realize you have to change what happens in chapter three to chapter eight because you forgot about a really big element you needed to address from book one early in book two.

And so that’s how the rest of the writing time goes. You scratching notes and plot notes out, realizing you created loopholes by missing things you included in book one that you had added in the process of writing because the Muses will not be controlled. After a few hours, you’ve got five good pages of writing (after having erased ten pages of bad writing) and that headache is now beating against your temples like that wind up monkey that plays cymbals.
When I ventured into writing the sequel in the Sons of Old Trilogy, MICHAEL, I went through four drafts—meaning four drafts of COMPLETELY THROWING AWAY WHAT WAS WRITTEN AND STARTING FROM SCRATCH AGAIN—before I finally started to figure out the best direction to go in. Then you go through several rounds of editing the outline before you have that giddy aha! moment where you know the book is FINALLY coming together the way it should have been all along.

But that aha! moment took close to a year to figure out.

The plot for MICHAEL was much trickier than LUCIFER because a MAJOR player had to come into the story and I didn’t know which direction to go to bring the new player in. I had figured out three different ways to being the new player in but couldn’t decide which way worked best even while I was writing. I kept coming up against a wall. It took me a while to discover I had to change my approach from a human vessel being used to a supernatural vessel instead.

Another big issue was the transitions from one chapter to another because of the amount of characters featured in Sons of Old Trilogy. There are new characters introduced in MICHAEL, so that made the task even trickier. Keeping track of each of them, featuring each of them, and placing each of them in the proper places became a crazy dance of sanity vs. the voices in my head. Most days you would find me talking out loud to myself in the middle of an aisle at Wal-Mart or walking around the house or at the library, mumbling frustrations to my characters since they wouldn’t keep interfering with my plotline.
I wanted to keep the relationship between Zahara and Becca and their parents a big part of MICHAEL as much as I did in LUCIFER since it was always an element that was important to me. That approach had to change though because Zahara and Becca had more to deal with throughout MICHAEL. Secrets being revealed. Betrayals. More near death experiences. Boyfriends which seems even more deadly than fighting a horde of demons. I wanted Solomon and Mia (Zahara’s parents) and Adam and Ariel (Becca’s parents) to still be PRESENT but let go of the overprotectiveness a bit since their girls have been through so much and have proven themselves.

The romantic entanglements continued to play a part in the plot but I had to decide just how much the romance element would play. I had to decide how deep to delve into and if it was necessary. Rekesh and Becca’s relationship faces struggles due to not only her human parents but even more so because Rekesh’s coven is being accused of murders that are taking place throughout the city. Their romance played a bigger role than in LUCIFER because readers get to see more of Rekesh’s world. Zahara finds she can’t deny her feelings for a certain someone anymore and gives into them. Her relationship plays more of a secondary role though because it’s just starting and because of the complications created by the new player and HOW he comes into the story.

Writing a trilogy is like trying to juggle glass balls that weigh fifty tons with one hand. There are all these elements you have to constantly keep a track of and if you misplace one then you have to start from scratch again. Every book will need a different set of juggling, a different way of approaching the characters, romance, setting, and battle scenes.
Here are five steps you should remember when writing a sequel:

Revisit: Reread your first book and make notes of anything you want to make sure to address in the sequel so you don’t end up with scenes that make no sense or leave readers feeling like something was forgotten.

What’s Up With the Characters?: The characters need to grow and evolve, whether for the good or the bad, and they need good reasons to. What inner demons are they battling? What scars won’t stay closed? How will they approach facing them?

Beat Them Up A Bit: With a sequel, you have to raise the stacks higher. Even more so if there’s some kind of crazy war-like/secret-government-agency-conspiracy/demon-hunting/ghost-hunting/insert near death plot going on. Not everyone should make it out alive or unscathed on some level.

I Love You! I Hate You!: If there’s romance, what are the stacks the characters have to overcome to be together? What physical dangers will challenge their strengths and weaknesses in their relationship? How will those inner demons define their trust?

I Can Tell the Future!: Foreshadowing is where you give a hint or warning of a future event to come. This works out really well when writing a sequel, especially because you don’t have to worry about backstory as much anymore. This tool isn’t just for suspense novels. It works in virtually any book because every book needs to build up to some sort of big conflict. Giving the reader a little taste of what’s to come is a fun way to keep them hooked ;)
Most important rule to remember when writing: have fun! If you aren’t enjoying your own story, why would anyone else?

P.S. It’s also helpful to keep tasty snacks at the ready along with pillows. When you get frustrated, munching the head off a teddy graham or punching a pillow are great ways to make the inner voices laugh.
Or maybe that’s just me.

Lucifer (Sons of Old Trilogy, #1)
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Synopsis: Have you ever wondered what could be hiding in the shadows?

Well, for eighteen-year-old Zahara Faraday, she doesn’t have to wonder. You see she comes from a lineage of Light Witches, those who have chosen to help protect and serve between the supernatural world and the human world. The only problem is Zahara, like her father Solomon, is as human as a human being can be whereas her mother, Mia, and her Aunt Catalina, were born as Light Witches. As a family they hunt down rogue supernaturals—creatures who harm humans or who have committed an act against their kingdom. 

Zahara’s hunting skills are usually kept dormant since her parents would prefer she live life as a normal human girl without knowledge of the supernatural world. She plans on doing just that—except when she finds a couple being attacked by fairies, she has no choice but to step in. Before she can return to pretending to be blissfully ignorant, Zahara encounters a problem she isn’t the least equip to handle: Bryan Hamilton, the good looking new co-worker she has to help train. In a heartbeat, her best friend, Becca King, has set her up on a double date with herself and her new crush, Rekesh Saint-Louis, who happens to be the most powerful leader of the biggest Imago Coven in South Florida –supernatural creatures with the ability to control water . . . and suck out human souls. 

Zahara has no time to focus on how she’s going to explain her double date with her best friend and the enemy they have a tentative truce with to her parents because soon one of the members of Mia and Catalina’s coven is found murdered with a strange tattoo of a snake with wings carved into his arm.

Zahara is then thrown into a whirlwind battle with an angel determined to have revenge against God, an Imago coven she doesn’t think they should trust, and slew of dream-eating fairies and powerful Nephilims, hybrid children of angels and humans, more than happy to rip her to shreds.

Normal just got a deadlier definition.

Michael (Sons of Old Trilogy, #2)
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Synopsis: Zahara Faraday looks like a normal eighteen-year-old and lives in a quiet neighborhood with her overprotective parents. She works at a bookstore and hangs out with her best friend Becca King on a daily basis. But underneath the normal lies a secret life filled with dangerous supernaturals. Zahara belongs to a world made of Light Witches, rogue Imagoes (supernatural creatures with super strength, speed, and silver skin when the moon is out), fallen angels, and Nephilim (hybrid children born half-human, half-angel). Where her father Solomon Faraday is human, her mother Mia and her Aunt Catalina are Light Witches. They help protect the human world by hunting down rogue supernaturals who commit heinous acts against humans. What they never expected was the possibility of having to hunt down the one rogue coven they had befriended and come to trust in their battle against Lucifer. Rekesh Saint-Louis is the leader of the most powerful Imago coven in Florida and now he’s the most suspected. Supernatural bodies are starting to pile up with an ancient ritual long forbade being used to murder them and the symbol, one large cross with four smaller crosses around it—which represents Rekesh’s coven— being left behind. Rekesh and the Elders of his coven set out to find who is behind the murders and clearing his name before a war between the covens begins. To make matters more difficult, Rekesh also has to deal with the return of someone he has been keeping a secret.

Meanwhile, Zahara and Becca are spending more time brushing up on their training, knowing an attack from Lucifer can come at any moment. Between patrolling neighborhoods and hanging at the boarding school created by Charles Stephens—a fallen angel who created the school to protect the children of rogue supernaturals—they are thrown into one battle after another. Zahara begins to develop a closer bond with Jason as they train and chase down clues to clear Rekesh’s name. What she doesn’t know is the very powerful secret Jason is keeping; a secret that will change the course of the fight with Lucifer.

But Rekesh’s coven being set up isn’t the only danger. A new powerful and lethal drug has emerged from the shadows of the supernatural world called Inferi. The drug has two deadly side effects: it leaves the supernatural hungering for blood—both human and supernatural—and grants them the elemental power they had once possessed.

Lucifer is on the move and he will stop at nothing to get his hands on Zahara and complete the first act of his plan. 

A battle is about to begin. 

One that may cost the Faraday family everything they hold dear.

Born and raised in the sweltering suburbs of South Florida, Annabell Cadiz grew up fine-tuned to the cuisine of various Spanish cultures, learned to master the art of Puerto Rican cooking thanks to her parents, and learned to converse crazy thanks to her band of siblings. She is now working toward attaining a B.A. in Psychology at Trinity International University to better understand how to converse with the weirdoes and crazies of the world. (After all, she is one of them.) A self-proclaimed nerd and a book-a-holic (her room holds dozens of shelves with much evidence to prove that her claims are indeed true), she created TeamNerd Reviews along with her best friend, Bridget Strahin, to showcase their EXTREME love for all things book related.

She published her debut novel, Lucifer (Sons of Old Trilogy #1), in January 2013. The second novel, Michael (Sons of Old Trilogy #2) will be released on May 28, 2014. And the final installment in the Sons of Old Trilogy, Nephilim, will be out in Spring 2015.
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